By Fiona Jacques Mandah (La Femme Fatale)

Hello world! It’s been a hectic week I must say, and I am sure there was a whole lot going on in the ghettos, talk of hustle, more fun and so forth. Unlike other weeks when I would come to clear out issues that tend to bring clouds onto our lives, this week I’m gonna talk about something slightly different.

As we are all aware that March is a special month; it’s a month that is there to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate our women all over the continent. In short, it’s a women’s day. Let me also take this opportunity to appreciate our women, oops! Am a lady too, therefore I need to be recognized by you fellas’. Before we match in for the core point of discussion, we must all bear in mind that a woman is human who has an extinct character that wouldn’t be found anywhere else in the world.

A woman has the ability to nurture

Starting with the obvious exception, a woman has that ability to give birth to a child, and she does not only let the child see the world, but also to bring out the very best out of it. Women are able to raise and nurture a child more than anyone. We are all born from a mother, and they need to be given the due respect and love they deserve. It would be so heartbreaking to see a son or daughter born of a woman disrespecting and embarrassing a lady.

A woman is enduring

A lady has that heart of going through unthinkable hell. They are despised, they suffer, they stumble upon too many obstacles in their lives, but they have little space for complaints .A woman would make sure she holds on to patience for a long period just to make sure her family and loved ones get the best. A woman has a phenomenal character that needs to be recognized all the time. In our domains, we see the mirror of endurance and patience that our women have. It’s not because they are weak, nor have no other options for their difficulties. Nop! It’s because a woman’s desire is to sacrifice herself for the people who look up to her. Think of our women, be it our mothers, aunts, wives, name it. How many times have they endured and carry a burden to make sure a family is sustained?

They have the ability to put one’s welfare before them

In our societies, women are at the forefront making sure everyone is doing fine. Unlike anyone else, women are there to amalgamate every member of the family by providing the care and love. I’m sure we all know how our mothers behave, sometimes we misinterpret them, thinking they are unnecessarily too caring. Contrary to that, they simply want the best from us and the whole family.

It’s high time we realized women play a significant role in each one of our lives. They have that special gift of care towards everyone, even those who are not related to them.

 Behind our success, and admirable lives lies someone special who needs to be attributed at all cost, a woman.

Long live our women!



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