ThE sExY dIvA

By Philes Davis

Isn’t it pathetic that in this post-Robert Mugabe era, some female souls are dying so as to maintain the Mrs blablablah title? Let’s face it! Haven’t we seen some noble married women living an ‘unmarried life’, enduring unnecessary pain courtesy of their reckless hubbies but are failing to bail theirselves out of those wretched marriages all in the name of ‘saving face’?

I mean, why should you cling to a thing that’s bringing nothing but misery and insults in your life? Why? Why bother fellow 21st century ladies? Name one reckless and rubbish species in the animal kingdom, and I’ll show you a married man. Most married men that the Sexy One knows are living a singlehood life; boozing all day, womanizing, and doing all sorts of a teenage boy swagger. All these under the watchful eye of a hapless wifey.

It pierces the heart of the Fat Sexy Diva seeing otherwise noble married women failing to move their butts out of such troubled marriages trying to maintain the Mrs name-tag. Whoever fooled Malawian women that life is nothing without the Mrs tag deserves a first-hand hell fire.

The Mrs Name-tag has brought shame to Malawian women. It has brought pain. It has demeaned their modesty.

It’s interesting, (not hahaha, but weird) noting some of the justification MG1s cling to their Mrs tag and yet their livelihood no longer portrays the same.

  1. No man is perfect! 

There’s this archaic Chichewa adage, “Mamuna ndi mwana” (a man is but just a name; he’s always delinquent). To such archaic adages, it is normal for a married man to cheat, drink excessively, in short, to be reckless, so long as he remembers his home and so long as you are her official mistress. Really?  

You mean, you’re okay with his cheating, so long as he maintains you as the official wifey? Come on!!

  • Aren’t you scared of the HIV coming along with his behavior?
  • Are you Okay with the STDS that he will bring?
  • Are you gonna be comfortable being disrespected by her MG2s and the like?
  • Are you Okay to be told you’re not enough for him indirectly?

If you’re Okay with all such crap, then you’re not fit to be a 21st century lady. A modern day lady has to fight for herself, and knows what’s good for her. Don’t let the cheating bulldogs demean your modesty by visiting other valleys than yours. Let go of such ruined marriages and be free to be called a Ms (your father’s name). it doesn’t kill. In fact, you’re gonna be labeled a heroine of some sort.

  • Matenda anabwerera anthu! (It’s okay to live positively)

Fine. But what about your kids? Why pricking a healing wound deliberately? Would you be happy to let your kids suffer courtesy of recklessness of their parents? Do you realize that your kids never begged for you for them to be granted a visa unto planet Earth? Don’t entertain mediocrity. Always know that your foolishness is costly to the whole world. Your children, your immediate family, your employer…the list is endless.

Once you note that he’s playing childish games, hit the exit button! Let him carry the VDs and see how he’s gonna live with them. You’re too special to be on the negative receiving end of his childishness.  Let him pay for his own sins. You aren’t Jesus Christ, my dear!

  • We’re all gonna die one day

So what? Death of course, shall befall each one of us one day, but some of these deaths are avoidable. We only got one life to live so why choosing to live a stressful life? Why do you wanna befriend Cardiac Arrest deliberately? Don’t you have other things to do? It may not be STIs, but you may be haunted by stress. Another major silent killer. Don’t entertain his silly behaviors all in the name of trying to save your marriage. If he’s not fit enough, if he’s not showing willingness to build his marriage, why should you? Let him go and live a stress-free life!

  • We vowed under our church pastor

“We exchange the matrimonial vows that “for better for worse…till death doth us part!”

This is another silly justification MG1s are dying silently. Gone are the days when we have to be blind to every written piece. There are always exceptions to everything.

Look at it from this angle.

He comes home 5:00 AM every all these days, as a caring wifey, you’re always waiting for him at the longue.  This is your everyday routine. You’re sick and tired of waiting for him, thinking of where he has been to, and whether he’s okay.

He comes home totally wasted.  He’s unapologetic. He sleeps. Wakes up, takes a bath, eats and then off he goes! You miss his touch, his warmth and you literally miss the hubby figure in your house. With time, your house is no longer a home. You’re a stranger in your own house.

Stress becomes your best friend. This becomes your everyday routine.

Is this what you had vowed for? Why suffer my dear? Why imprisoning yourself? What’s so special with that monster of yours that you can’t get from some other male souls? Or what could be so hard to be living alone, free from such a hapless monster?

  • He’s gonna come back to his senses   

Holy Mary Mother of Jesus!! Another fallacy. A dog is and shall always be that way. You see, often time, we ladies do become careless with how men are handling us. We note his unbecoming behavior but we have this silly inner voice that he’s gonna change and be the Mr he used to be before you exchanged your matrimonial vows. Unfortunately, the more you entertain his silly acts, the higher the probability of repeating similar feats. Never let him control your emotions. Always nip the unbecoming behavior in the bud. Once it develops, it’s hard to kill it. He can’t change if you won’t force him to.

My fellow women, let’s not be clinging humans. The title “Mrs” is but just a title. There’s nothing special with it. Nobody has ever died of not wearing that name-tag. If you feel you ain’t worthy that, then let it be. Don’t let these silly mad dogs reduce you to a nobody all in the name of being an MG1. You’re too special to be suffering in your marriages. If he’s not fit to be your Love Dcotor, move out!  Don’t mind what society will say dear!



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