The ‘goodies’ of sharing your marital problems with your fellas


By  Fiona Jacques Manda(La femme fatale)

They say a problem shared is a problem solved, yes. In romantic relationships however, a problem shared is a misery caused. Dear ladies, never in your state of mind should you share all your marital problems with your crew. Never even think of doing that! It’s so toxic.

It may feel cool, fine. You may feel relieved. Yes. But ever think of the side effects of such an action? Sharing your relationship problems can do you more harm than good, believe you me. Still in doubt? Check this out.

You expose your immaturity

It’s not a very bad idea to share problems that you encounter. However, relationship problems are normally supposed to be dealt with by the two of you. Two is a company, three is a crowd. Remember?

Tell you what? Relationship problems are recipes for a successful camaraderie. When you cross paths with your other half, you learn to appreciate the other side of him. You learn to know your limit in pissing, or not pissing him off. You also learn how to tame your emotions in such scenarios. In short, the challenges you encounter make you grow, mentally. Tough rides give you new insights of what romantic relationships are all about. (through thick and thin).

So, never get the fuss of every little hiccup that can befall the two of you. He’s just a human being. He ain’t 100% perfect. Neither are you.

It’s an act of disrespect to your Boo

Imagine you tell your girls that he is a below-par bedroom wrestler. What picture are you gonna give to your girls? What do you think could be the attitude of your girls towards your man?

This is why at times, it’s better to zip up your mouth for fear of embarrassing not only your Boo but also yourself too.

You can’t just be going around telling every Grace and Mary about how you’re sailing through in your love life. In case you have already spilt the milk, what could you possibly do if he happens to hear the story from a third party?  Can that augur well with him?

Sometimes, hunnie, it’s better to shut your mouth for fear of losing self-respect.

Too difficult to know another girl’s intentions

You may share a smile with them, but deep down you may not see through their hearts. Not all within your inner circle may be happy with your affair. Next time you share your hiccups with them, think twice for they may assist you in falling apart.

Hubby snatchers are everywhere. You unzip your mouth, you expose your weaknesses, they grab your man, you make a fool of yourself. It’s that simple!

You lose trust of your Boo

Trust is one of the weapons that bonds you love birds. So, no matter the weather, learn to keep that trust with him. You may be full of anger for whatever he may have been doing but exposing his weaknesses to a third party is the gravest mistake you can make.

It’s like indirectly you’re breaking that bond and God forbid! Should he happen to get hold of the news of your gibbering, my Dear, you’re dead! Rather his trust between in you is gone. Now, if there’s one thing that’s easier to lose is trust. Ironically, it’s the hardest to regain.

Dudes who fit in our complicated and super-demanding levels are too hard to find. So, find one, and keep him and religiously guard him.

How trusted is the third party?

By the way, what’s the assurance that the other girl you’ve vomited you’re your problems to, won’t be another BBC TV who’s gonna broadcast everything to whichever ear dares to listen?

Whenever you tryinna spill out something about your problem, ask that question first. If you can’t answer it properly, just don’t bother proceeding. Check, and recheck.

Other girls are good at minding others’ businesses. So, don’t sell your business at a cheaper price. It may be costly. The damage that can be caused can be irreparable.

Trust your girls, but none too much to the extent of sharing your marital problems with.

Dear Divas, time’s changed. “Not everyone in your circle is in your corner.”  Watch your mouth!



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