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By Yona Gondwe

There’s this unwritten code that bedevils females, Malawian females from daring English poetry industry. Not that we have a battalion of male English poets locally, nop! But pound for pound, female English poets in Malawi are a rare species.

One of those rare jewels is one youthful Mzuzu-based icon, NKT THE POET, government name,Lydia Naledi Tchongwe.

The genesis

NKT’s genesis into this genre was rather interesting.  Whilst at viphya primary school, she used to be a fan of poems in the-then English text books. Little did she know she was going to make poems her everyday passion.

“I was a fan of English poems back then. I just got so fascinated. Later on, I started scribbling some lines in my note books. Now, years later, here I am.” She recalls.

As time passed, her skills got perfected. In no time, NKT THE POET started rocking her local church, delivering the gospel but via poetic lines.  And then 2017 boom! She started hitting the booth, recording her poems.

Her piece, In Love, a joyful litany about a believer who has found solace in the Almighty One, released in 2017, marked her official entry into the world of professional poetry.

From then on, crafting some heart-hitting poems has been her bread and butter.  

The 23 year old University of Livingstonia graduate, her poems are nothing but “a great content of God upon his people.”

Her uniqueness

NKT sees herself as so unique when in the line of duty. Her body language and facial expression that augur well with her lines fit exactly into the poems hence making her a princess in her own planet.


According to NKT THE POET, her biggest challenge is that many an audience do not regard her industry as something to be taken with cold hands. Through her experience, some sectors of the society belittle her courtesy of her being poet.

“It’s so disheartening noting that other people belittle my works of art,” she cries.

Although that is the case, energetic NKT does not relent. She has her goals set and no voice can shake her.

“I stand my ground. Once someone looks down on me, I tell him or her that I am enough, I am complete and I love poetry to the point that I will never look down on myself unless I am tying my shoelaces.”


NKT THE POET says self-belief is the name of the game. So too is originality.

“If they can’t believe in themselves, then there’s no way anybody else can. In addition, they should strive for authenticity. Being copy cats won’t take them anywhere,” she advises.

To the already developed poets, NKT advises them to swallow their prides and assist their fellows to make a name too.

“Success doesn’t come single-handedly. We need to be working as a team. United we stand; divided we fall!”

The future

The Princess of English poems has some weapons up her sleeves. She is pondering on having some joint poems with fellow females in the game. In addition, she is to be in the booth shortly, releasing a yet-to-be named video and audio album.

NKT THE POET has so far seen her self-performing in big occasions and her works have had chances of being aired on different media stations in Malawi.

Mini Bio

  • Birth Name: Lydia Naledi Tchongwe

Stage Name: NKT THE POET

Meaning of the stage name: a short form for her name (Naledi Kunene Tchongwe)        

  • Date of birth: 23 August 1996
  • Pastime activities:  playing scrabble, reading scripture, and inspirational books
  • Faviorite poets: national wide; Q-Malewezi, Marumbo Sichinga and Robert Chiwamba.

: Internationally; Jack Hill Perry, Preston Perry, Janette and Ezekiel.

  • Home village: Euthini, Mzimba district and from Timeyo Tchuwa village, T/A Chindi
  • Home town: Mzuzu
  • Highest Academic mark Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health (University of Livingstonia)



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