By Justin MKWEU.

It all popped up out of nowhere. Literary nobody had ever seen it coming. But like a left hook from one Floyd Mayweather Junior, it landed unexpectedly.

That best explains the beef, probably the shortest ever in the Malawian urban history, between two noisy youthful artists, Saint, and Jay Jay Cee.

Easy come easy go so goes the saying. Like how it started, within a month or so, the beef is now deceased.

So, what was the origin of this ‘pork’ masquerading as beef? A Facebook status. A Facebook status was all it took to trigger the verbal downpour between these otherwise promising youngsters.

Jay Jay Cee belittled Saint‘s new hit song Delilah as a total whack.

But what happened before the Facebook status?

“Money issues. He (Saint) was dissatisfied with the payments given to him after his payment for a performance in Mpemba, Blantyre. We shared insults there, that’s the root”, narrated Jay Jay Cee to Entertainment Malawi.

It was from here that Jay Jay Cee upgraded the outrage via the social media.

On his side Saint admitted that the misunderstanding indeed started at the said show but when Jay Jay Cee took it to the public through a Facebook post, he (Saint) just shared the post.

“I shared his post. Then he got back to his wall and posted a photo with a caption that targeted me; talking about war and all. Then he went on radio telling Joy Nathu (of MBC Radio Two’s popular music show, Made on Monday) what happened and what caused him to diss my song. Then he said he was in the studio recording a diss song heading my direction,” said Saint.


It was from this point that all hell broke loose. The beef went to its rightful place; the booth.

Saint release a cracker called The Warning, allegedly cautioning his friend-turned-foe to check his musical movements.

The song appeared to have been a shocker to Jay Jay Cee. The youthful artist complained that his nemesis had broken their “peace deal”.

According to Jay Jay Cee’s Facebook post, he had met Saint at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) where they talked and settled their differences and even performed together. The post further said that Jay Jay Cee was surprised to hear the song ‘Warning‘ by Saint dissing him. It was from this post that Jay Jay Cee “declared war once again” towards his enemy number one.

Replying to the post, Saint narrated to Entertainment Malawi that they never made peace at MUST, rather, Jay Jay Cee just asked him to perform the song ‘Mumamva bwanji’ together.

“He never settled down with me. He only asked for a live performance of Mumamva bwanji that we should perform together and I accepted. In fact, I did not really diss him in the song that was just a warning to the people that disrespect my works including Jay Jay Cee“, said the Delilah star.

That’s when Jay Jay Cee released what he called AK 47, a counter-diss to the Warning.

The Reconciliation

A coin has two sides. While some were very happy with the diss and wished it continued, some saw the diss as a thorn in their fresh. Some of those who did not like the diss were the managing teams of these two artists. They took a responsibility and set a table for discussion that led to the reconciliation of the two rivals.

“The reconciliation has been handled by our managers and I have personally accepted the reconciliation because of my care for the loved ones, who did not like the beef, fans, friends and family. My father was also touched you can imagine,” said Jangiliya hit maker.

Jay Jay Cee

While to his side, Saint narrated that he has accepted the reconciliation because of self-respect and respect for his fans.

“We lost respect as artists. We are both artists that do positive music. People could never expect us to do such a thing plus we would have lost all our loyal fans. I mean none supported the idea or say the fight,” he said.

The future

As for what people should expect from both artists now that they are back together like before, both artists have handed the future in the hands of time. They have not yet planned anything together but time will tell as to what they will do jointly.

A word to the fans

“I apologise to you. My fans and everyone else who got infringed with what I did. I will always be me, that positive artist from now till forever. I love you all my family”, promised Saint.

Jay Jay Cee also thanked his loyal fans and still asked for loyalty to continue as he is now back to the old him.

“I always appreciate your support and I promise to never let you down”, promised Jay Jay Cee.

The friendship between Jay Jay Cee real name Juma James Chitsonga and Saint real name Yamikani Chikwawe started a while ago. They have done collaborations like Mumamva bwanji and Jangiliya remix.

Jay Jay Cee and Saint



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