By Constance Pindikani

The Lord’s prayer reads that ‘…forgive us our sins as we forgive those who wrong us…’

Forgiveness is an art on its own, and true forgiveness comes from the heart and conceives a beautiful feeling; relief to both the forgiver, and the forgiven.

As youths, and human beings, we often fall out with our parents, friends, workmates and etc. Learning to forgive and letting go of all grudges is not an easy task. Hard as it seems, I’ll challenge you that no person who is normal finds pleasure in holding grudges. Being angry brings in guilt, regret, dissatisfaction and jealousy.

Most youths feel that apologising or forgiveness can diminish oneself, and then look inferior in the eyes of others. Forgiveness clarifies a lot of issues, brings you closer to your conflicting party and in the end, both of you find yourselves joking about the previous events that took place.

Arguments cannot be altogether avoided, but we can make sure we come down, and forgive each other wholeheartedly.

Well, let me take you through the 5 fruits that a young person gets in each forgiveness.


Some people may or may not deliberately wrong you, those who deliberately wrong you, may want to see you suffer, mesmerised in anger, so that whatever you work on will turn out into a total mess. Anger cannot be dismissed in haste, but one has to be able to control their anger so that their anger does not cost them a lot.

Let’s face it, we all find ourselves in arguments; it is up to us to know the extreme of how we tend to take it to. People with rage do not work properly, and people with anger issues find fault in almost everything. Controlling anger will help you be successful, and with a positive mind.


Here is a situation, you find yourself in an argument, find the person apologising later, but then you feel that their apology was not worthy of your forgiveness. Well, sometimes we expect so much from others, that we forget that we are different people that perceive life differently. As the saying goes, “great expectations make frustrated men”, we should be satisfied with the apology. We can even forgive before our counterpart apologises. Forgiveness brings in satisfaction; satisfactory gives one peace.


Falling out with friends is normal, it’s even amazing when you make up with your counterpart and then find yourself closer to them. Forgiveness plays an important role in every relationship, in the course of an argument, both think the other is in the wrong, but in honesty, both parties actively contribute to the mayhem. After all, it takes two to tangle. The process of forgiveness gives each person a chance to explain their own sides of the story and in the end come up with an informed resolution.


Understanding goes hand in hand with forgiveness. After a disagreement, both parties may decide to discuss on the way forward, and possibly bring clarification on the issues that brought about the disagreement. For one person to be able to forgive, it means they have fully understood the whole concept and have come to the conclusion that what happened was not supposed to happen in the first place, hence forgiveness comes in.


So, fellow Young Generationers, let us learn to value and master the art of forgiveness; it does not kill to forgive and forget.



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