The Director and Founder of the organisation Salome Kadazi Chipeta



By Solomon Albert Phiri

As various bodies are in search for means to keep the young generation in schools and activities that could keep them busy, one of the newly formed Mzuzu based non-profit organization, Tell Your Tales (TEYTA) has launched a three months mentorship program dubbed “PUT A SMILE” at Chibanja Primary School on the 17th of January.

Speaking in an interview, the Director and Founder of the organisation Salome Kadazi Chipeta said, the mentorship program aims at identifying vulnerable learners to be assisted with learning materials and basic needs that can motivate beneficiaries to continue their education. 

“We started the program to assist pupils whose families cannot afford basic needs for their education such as textbooks and notebooks. We have seen how the program is going to be effective and a success by the hype the pupils and the school administration showed in support of the initiative at the launch. The learners were excited much to the delight of the headteacher who was also in attendance during the lunch of the program.” Said Chipeta.

Not only that, the organization also tackled HIV & AIDS among other issues in the lifestyle segment where the message was delivered to two classes only comprised of standard 5 and 6 pupils.

“The issue of HIV/AIDS is a big issue but we were sensitive to teach it to those that are eligible to understand it properly and so we isolated standard 5 and 6 for this. We provided entertainment for the pupils and we gave them a chance to interact by taking this event outside their academic environment.” Said Chipeta.

Commenting on the development, the Programs Manager for the program Yona Gondwe expressed his gratitude to the organization for introducing the Put A Smile program which will encourage to fight school dropouts and helpless able families to educate their children.

“In most families, children are forced to drop out of school because of lack of enough funds to support their children in school such as books, uniforms just to name a few. TEYTA through Put A Smile will be providing such basic needs to the families that cannot afford them. I am really happy with the development and I would love to see people not take advantage of this because this is for them.” He said.

Meanwhile, the TEYTA has opened its doors for well-wishers to support the program, and it is conducting fundraising through selling custom made calendars which will be bearing the buyer’s picture of choice.



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