……the intellectuals that lost their intellect


By Chifundo ZINGUNDE

The footballing world was not shocked that much when Wayne Rooney went back to his home Merseyside club, Everton FC despite tantalizing offers from the Chinese league. In the NBA as well, Lebron James left Miami Heat at the peak of his career and went back to serve his native Cleveland Cavaliers. Both of these heavyweights made such moves so as to give back to their ‘families’, their communities. That’s what legends do; they don’t give a cold shoulder to their families.

As Malawians we have heroes in our beloved soccer fraternity. One name that you would not skip is none other than the Black Mamba himself, Esau Kanyenda. His exploits both domestically and abroad need not be mentioned. He is and shall always be remembered forever.

So, upon hearing that he was returning home for good, we were all excited. But from us, from the Terraces, we were more than just excited. We were musing on his likely next destination.

On South African online medium,, Esau was clearly quoted that he would be pursuing a career in coaching with assistance from our FA.

Later in an interview with my president, MISA Malawi president, Telesa Ndanga, he was quoted saying that he felt he still had blood running his legs. But moments later, we heard he had hanged his boots.

Senseless! Isn’t it? That’s exactly how Yours Truly, and my good Ol Zak felt as we were exchanging one too many bottles at Obrigado Leisure Park in Mzuzu as whilst waiting for a soccer match at Mzuzu Stadium. Mr Blue Mamba is too hard to understand. That was our conclusion.

But if you thought the comedy was complete, then the U turn from the 30 second retirement was not only confusing but disheartening. Pending his signature for the blue side of Blantyre, the Lali Lubani boys was only demoralizing but also a disappointment to the soccer loving Malawians. Such a move has quashed all the chances that we, from the Terraces had of crowning him the legendary status.

Him being an ex Dwangwa United player, and finding his old club still in the elite league, it would have been prudent for this legend-that-never-was at least to go back home, and serve his hommies. Yours Truly do feel the Black Mamba, or Blue Mamba so to say should have been back to Matiki and honoured his folk there. Think about Dwangwa United. It’s the team that made who you are today. Mr Black Mamba, returning to it would have really given you the legendary respects that we were about to honour you with.

Yours Truly is being convinced you were not lured with the fat wallet that the Japanese Company is being famed for. You are not, are you? For we believe you already have the kobos for all the years you have been in diaspora and that the Yens could not have moved you into retiring from retirement, not so?

Come to think of it, our layman thinking tempts us to conclude that you escaped the pressure that was about to be mounted on you, assuming you had headed back to the sugarmen of Matiki. We may be wrong but your move is still senseless to us.

For a player who has been synonymous with Dwangwa United throughout his super league career, getting back to it and retiring from there would have been the wisest decision ever made. Perhaps, we From the Terraces are thinking too hard. Maybe it is too early for us to start making hasty judgements. As they say, time will tell.


The intellectuals who lost their intellect

I warned about unintellectual act from the green intellectuals in my previous editions. It seems nobody took me seriously ranging from our FA up to Mzuni fc fan base .We soccer seers do not utter senseless gibbering, assuming there are some sensible gibberings anyway. The premature ending of Mzuni- Civil match is a move backwards in this otherwise civilized game. It’s a threat to our sponsorship.

We from the terraces are at liberty to come with our beloved families, but with teargases and missiles that were thrown during this chaotic match, such arenas become no go zones. It’s high time our FA intervenes and impose actions by use of our legal and regulatory provisions. Stupidity has to be stopped! Period!



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