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By Fiona Jacques Manda(La femme fatale)

What is the secret to having a long loving relationship? It’s one of those questions we tend to ask ourselves but tend to not provide a readily available response. It is not easy having one soulmate for ages. There’s a lot that such love birds do to each other that keep the bond between them as strong as ever.

So, having had some encounters with some veterans in the game, I have come to conclude that the secret to a long blissful camaraderie borders on the following tenets.

Make your spouse your number one priority

He should be the top notch on your priority list unless you’re into the relationship just for fun. Being a busy bee doesn’t give you any excuse not to priotize him. Regard his time, love and care and time for you as equally important as your other side of life.

Always have time for him

Ture, time is money, but it doesn’t cost to laugh or smile with your loved one. Make some time for just the two of you no matter how time your schedule may be. A simple call, text or what have yous can strengthen your relationship. Don’t be too proud to let him be initiating convos day in day out. Be responsible for your relationship. Take the major step!


Breakdowns, downslides, and fights happen in a relationship; they are inevitable. What do you do when this befall you? A  good and sincere apology to someone you love is recommended when such happens. Despite our best intentions    to make sure that our relationships are moving smoothly, there are times when disappointments, hatred, or anger creep in. Tough rides are part of the game. Managing such situations shows maturity and seriousness by either party. Let’s learn to apologize whenever we’re in the wrong.

Let me clear this out; apologising doesn’t mean one is wrong, nor does it show that you are a weaker soul.We apologise because we value the relationship, and we could do anything for it to move ahead. Apologies are better that just having an ego and let the misunderstandings be. It can ruin your affair.

Don’t take your partner for granted

Ever had the feeling of being underappreciated? This is why most love bonds loosen, and people end up parting ways. Being taken for a ride simply means you are not being valued, talk more of being unappreciated. There are many things that would tell you your partner is taking you for granted. Insults, unnecessary blames, ego…such scenarios leave you with some unanswered questions.

Love has to be valued. It never goes as planned at times but then take the responsibility of appreciating the love you are shown and the value that the person has in your life.

Learn from mistakes

Noone will take the heed to manage your mistakes, let alone your relationship. Take the responsibility of learning from your mistakes, and also those for your partner. This will help you avoid repeating the same in history. Rememberyou are two different people with different preferences, and perfection is far from you. Know your partner, learn the downfalls, and try as much to make the best of it. Taking this responsibility will surely render you you a healthy love life.


Fellow Sexy Divaz, no one will manage your relationship for you. Take responsibility of it on your own, If you miss on this, you won’t have anyone but yourself to blame.



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