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 (The shining model who’s slowly rising to the top)


 Another week, another beauty model is on EM’s 265 Super Model. Having showcased a couple of models on this column, we retain to B Town where we are meeting one beautiful female by the name, CHIFUNIRO CIF SAPALA.

 Chifuniro is one up and coming model who is already dreaming big in the industry. As you will be going through her narrative, there is more that beauty models can offer towards the development of Malawi in different aspects than just the entertainment side of it.

That aside, she also offers some insights of what it takes to be a super model; an authentic beauty model.

If you want to know how, let’s take a ride…


Birth Name: Chifuniro cif Sapala

Date of Birth. 15 August 1998

Current city of Residence: Blantyre

SELF DESCRIPTION: Chifuniro describes herself in simple terms, ambitious, and charming.


Beauty without brains is meaningless, so goes the adage. Cif, as she is popularly called by her peers, believes modelling and academic knowledge go hand in hand.

She did her primary education at Chisawani Primary in Bvumbwe, Thyolo. Then later, she attained her Malawi Schools’ Certificate of Education at Chisapi Girls Secondary school in 2016.

Thereafter, Cif got enrolled with her current tertiary institution, The Malawi Institute of Tourism where she is studying for a Diploma in Hotel operations.

Chifuniro cif Sapala

 The origin of her passion for modelling

Just like most of her other colleagues who have been previously featured on this column, Chifuniro found herself into modelling after long time dreaming of it, though she never had that serious thought about it.

However, influence and positive encouragement from her peers made her to have a second thought about modelling. That was when she seriously pondered on venturing into this industry. That was when she realized enough was more than necessary; she had to be a model.

Of course, back then, to her, modelling was mostly about entertainment. By from her observation, over the years, the industry has metamorphosed into a mind setting enterprise.

Attributes of a fully-fledging model

From what she hears day in day out, most souls have a misconception that modelling is a kids’ game; but lol and behold! Modelling in Chifu’s world, is more than what meets the eye. Modelling requires so many attributes; confidence and high self-esteem are some of the pre-requisites.

From her observation, if one lacks self-confidence, one is bound to lose it in the modelling world as nobody can believe a person if the latter lacks self-confidence.

Are modelling fruits that sweet?

To Chifu, modelling is a very rewarding career in Malawi. She has observed that the industry is now becoming very marketable now than before. Models, are now slowly being recognized as active partners in development in various sectors.

Chifuniro cif Sapala

Any support to models

The baby-faced model believes for somebody to be effective, there is a need for both moral and financial support from all relevant stakeholders.

Direct clients of models

In Our country, according to Chifu, the direct clients to receive the services of a model are those people who are lacking daily needs and those who need a word of encouragement or any other support, apart from the entertainment world.

Is modelling that relevant in Malawi?

Modelling in Africa has always been considered as part of entertainment, and yes it is part of it, as such, she has noted that modelling is scoring big in such industries as advertising, and entertainment, as well as other noble courses.


Being a model in Malawi it not easy, so says Chifuniro. She has seen it all where models have always been criticized and name-called courtesy of misconceptions.

Modelling, by Malawian standards, is mostly associated with immorality.

Countering the highlighted challenges

Chifuniro does recognize the presence of some ill minds in our society who equate modelling, more especially females to promiscuity. This, to her, is so pathetic. Modelling is just like any other industry. It is part of entertainment and is also part of any other business. Say that to Chifuniro, she is going to hate you for life.

The downturn of her profession

Chifuniro has been having some downturns in her maiden career. She has ever encountered some embarrassing moments. One she would like to quickly forget was when other irresponsible souls who could come to her house just to verbally abuse her just because she was a model.

Luckily, she is resistant to stupidities and she is bound to defend her choice of the other side of her. After all, she was already drilled on how to overcome such scenarios.

Highlights in her career

Despite encountering a lot of embarrassments, memorable moments are also there whereby she could easily erase all the embarrassments that have ever headed her direction.

  • How does she do this?

“I would have a chat with different types of people and I could lead a group of people towards a certain development making it memorable moment. That’s how I like it.” She said.

First day cat-walking

In her own words, this is how this ever-smiling model reminisces her maiden appearance on the stage.

“For the first time I was about to do catwalk, a lot was running in my mind. I was so nervous. It’s like I wasn’t really sure whether it was really me or not. However, with the rounds of applause I got from the audience, I garnered much confidence and yes I did it….

Message to the youth

To the Malawian youth out there, here’s your take home message.

“My fellow Malawian youths, let’s stop looking down upon ourselves. We can come with something good and tangible out of ourselves. Let’s try and fail; do not fail to try.


  • EMAIL: chifunirosapala6@gmail.com
  • FACEBOOK: #cif neerow#

Meet CHIFUNIRO CIF SAPALA in pictures below

Chifuniro cif Sapala

Chifuniro cif Sapala

Chifuniro cif Sapala

Compiled by Gibson C Kamanga 



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