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They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but one spoken word piece from this one poet may just be worth enough to create more images in your brain when it struck your ear.

Hear this out people! Julius Jules Banda Jr who is well known in the poetry circles as just Jules has an advance Christmas present already; he has been invited to perform at the London lake of stars on 10 March next year. The Rapper; Spoken Word Artist, Songwriter and Activist from Lilongwe (area 25) says he was not surprised with the call:

“Of course I was expecting it….and there is more to come…you know we worked for this,”Jules smiles while adding that there is more to come;though he need poetry enthusiasts, private sector and all people of good will to do.

” I am mobilizing funds. Estimated budget is K2 million which will cover visa and air tickets to and from and other expenses. I am hopeful with the help of companies and individuals we can reach to that target by 15th February, 2018.” He narrated.

Jules invitation to perform at the Lake of Stars in London has not come with sponsorship, partly because the festival is an organizing event and usually open to artists in UK and a few sponsorships reserved have already been allocated; though he says he is not ‘worried, as this is a test of his faith as a poet.’ 

Julius Jules Banda Jr

So what’s so special about this Lake of Stars?

The festival is a win for Malawi and performing arts ahead of 15th Lake of Stars Festival here in Malawi… that aside, it’s a big win for poetry which is enjoying massive reception in the country.” He said.

Personally Jules says it is special for him because the London event will be a window to many opportunities.

“It’s a privilege to share my story and inspire people on a larger platform. I must also say, it’s just the beginning. I am here to stay and leave a mark.” He challenged.

Born on 1st January, 1993. Julius found creative freedom in Music, Poetry and Songwriting at the age of 8. Inspired by his mother he founded No Child Left Behind Entertainment Company in 2013 while he was in College to help other artists find their voice too.

He is considered to be one of the most inspiring and passionate upcoming artists rising from the warm heart of Africa (Malawi). With his insightful lyrics, unique style and delivery, he is a voice that one cannot afford to ignore.

In 2015, he was the only poet semifinalist at Chanco Got Talent by Times Television, he was a second prize winner of 2016 Malawi Got Talent. In 2016, he performed at over 15 events such as Q. Malewezi’s People Spoken Word Album Launch at BICC, TEDx streaming session in Zomba, National Aids Commission (NAC) Annual Conference at MIM, and Ovation Fusion Festival among others.

Julius Jules Banda Jr

Meanwhile Jules says is grateful for people like Qabaniso Malewezi who literary risked their career and reputation just to see him rise, though he is still calling on the nation to rally behind him.

“Everything is hard work for me; and with the support from people like Q, my ship really just took off from there. yeah!

And Jules has his final words.

“Next year it will be massive with a concert of myself as am still working on my music and spoken word album, but please Malawians, even companies and everyone with a heart for the arts, let’s support this trip, and make Malawi proud,” called on Banda.


If you would like to make a contribution for Julius Jules Banda to perform and represent Malawi at the lake of Stars in London on 10th March, 2018. Here are the details:

  • Julius J. Banda, 1001015687, National Bank, Zomba Branch, Saving Account
  • Airtel Money (0992601897)
  • Mpamba (0882853016)
  • Western Union: Julius Banda, Card number: 20160902000642, Lilongwe, Malawi (forward details to 0992601897 or email juliusbanda1@gmail.com)

Julius Jules Banda Jr



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