Alekeni Magalasi



By Julius Oliver Chimaliro.

Whether he was being optimistic or out of rare curiosity, Alekeni Magalasi knows well. He asked his father to do him one favour; send him to school and see him fail or give him the money for fees so he could start whatever business he deemed fit.

Realizing his flowing skills in multimedia production (music production, Photography, and videography) Ray Ice, as is his stage name, set to the scene in Rumphi where he resides with his parents.

After his form four (MSCE) examinations in 2014, Ray Ice developed an insatiable appetite to venture into full time entrepreneurship than heading back to the four classroom walls.

“I enlightened my father on the need for him to give me a start-up capital than to give me school fees. I felt I could use the monies better than heading back to class,” he revealed.

Luckily, his wish was granted. He purchased music studio equipment and started a home recording studio. As an ambitious young man, that was not enough-after a year when he had saved enough, he bought a video camera and started videography along with photography.

Alekeni Magalasi

As young as he is, Ray Ice is now one of the revered videographers in Rumphi-specialized in shooting music videos, wedding ceremonies, parties, and all other events that require the eyes of the lens.

Ray Ice who grew up admiring all successful people in the industry has seen a lot of success but still not satisfied.

” I want to work an extra mile and become a model to lots of these youths and again extend my company”, he added.

Mic Power Entertainment Company (MPEC) as is the name of the self-made boss Alekeni Magalasi; the company itself has visions as it wants to promote the ‘ghetto youths’ who cannot afford expensive music productions, but still get quality at MPEC. MPEC also wants to become a selling company of music and studio equipment, which it is already doing though on a small scale.

His is an advice of urging young Malawians to realize their field of expertise and work on that to achieve the greatest in life.

“Everyone is gifted in a particular field. When you have done that, all effort has to be put there to bring out the best in you; don’t force matters,” he explained.

Through his ‘goldmine’ Ray Ice is self-independent. He is very much able to earn a lot from his daily activities within his career. He was born on the 8th of August 1995 and comes from Chimaliro village in Mwanza.



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