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By Love T Msoso

Are you starting to feel like sticking to your working out routine is not worth it anymore?? Or maybe you need working out company?? Perhaps you are disappointed that you are not getting the expected results after jogging for so long? Ever thought or working out and jog as a group and keeping fit in the process? Perhaps you might just need a little motivation.

As a lot of young people in the country are coming up with innovations in various spheres of life. Atusaye Kamanga 24, a trained nurse and also a graphic designer has coined a simplified work out, staying fit and exercise in Mzuzu.

His passion for sports and exercise made him start a movement called Mzuzu Fitness Run where by people jog (as a group) every Saturday morning from 6 as a way of exercising and keeping fit.

Kamanga says Mzuzu Fitness Run is all about exercising and keeping fit and instilling togetherness as well as achieving better results.

“Mzuzu Fitness Run is all about achieving physical ability of the body to exercise and stay fit. Running together instils togetherness. Running together motivates and inspires to achieve better results and maximize the full potential of effectiveness to live a healthy life, ” said Kamanga

Kamanga further explained that Mzuzu fitness run started as a motivating factor to all those that have the zeal to exercise and keep fit.

” Mzuzu Fitness Run started to reinforce the culture of exercising and I believe that if you don’t care of your physical body, you are destroying the equipment you need to use in life to maintain it. I wanted to have a positive influence on people who are willing to stay fit but lacks motivation. I run almost three times a week, ”

” I desire everyone to enjoy the hard work of success in good health than cherish it on a sickbed with hypertension or diabetes, ” he explained.

Mzuzu Fitness Run

Kamanga also recalls how his idea that started way back when he was running as an individual has materialized into such a big activity that is now benefitting a lot of people.

“Mzuzu Fitness Run started as an idea way back as I was running to stay fit. I had a feeling that many people would benefit and came a time when I was sketching down the logo on a piece of paper about this to make it more appealing and compelling.

I was just trying what would work better for a sports brand and I was testing waters if I would yield anything concrete out of this. I branded T-shirts and designed a logo out of this and printed the material on T-Shirts, ” he recalls.

The 24 year old nurse who has been doing this for 4 weeks now says despite that the number of people coming for the run is not that large he sees this as a progress still as far as one or two lives are being impacted in the process.

“Getting started is the hardest part of an exercise. In all disciplines of this life, the start is always toughest. The Progress is perfect so far even though we haven’t been running in large groups and numbers but if it changes and impacts one person, it’s enough worthwhile to count on, ” he said.

Just like any other activity, Kamanga also highlighted some challenges that he is facing in this activity.

“The major challenge that we are facing is lack of awareness to reach out more people to participate in this activity, “he highlighted.

Kamanga also pointed out some of the benefits that one will get once he decides to be part of this activity.

“There are a number of benefits for each and every individual within. Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life, ” he said.

In the conversation that we had I discovered that Kamanga is one of the few young Malawians with dreams that can help this country. He also outlined his dreams and goals.

“Just like Nike, Puma and Adidas that started small, I would like to make it a brand that will inspire the spirit in people to make them fit for the rest of their lives though exercising. In 2 years, I should be able see the Fitness run extend to the central and Southern part of Malawi. In 6 months I would like to brand a clothing line that people should be using during every fitness work out, ” narrated Kamanga.

Apparently Mzuzu Fitness run is an activity that is being sponsored by the founder Atusaye Kamanga and Walinase Mazunda; his colleague.

So, if you are in Mzuzu and you have never get motivated to make jogging your everyday routine, why not try Mzuzu Fitness Run?

Mzuzu Fitness Run



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