By Philes Davis.

Physical Science 101 says that Group One elements in the Periodic Table are the most reactive of them all. Reason? They only have one electron in their outer shell which is easy to lose; they (Group One elements) get more reactive as you go down the periodic table as the electron is further from the nucleus and shielded by the inner electrons.

Due to their highly reactive nature, Group One elements like Lithium, Potassium, and Sodium must be stored under oil to keep air and water away from them (air, and Water contain Oxygen).

Some people, for whatever reason react like Group One elements in the Periodic Table; very reactive! These are the dudes who’ve issues. These are the Chics who’ve been hurt before, and unfortunately, can’t return the favour to whoever caused their mental breakdown.

These are the people who metamorphose into Facebook bullies, rather, social media bullies. They swear, talk rubbish, overreact on petty issues on the social media. This, to them, is the only way of overcoming their inner pain; their bitterness.

Such people wait for others’ ‘innocent’ social media posts so they can vomit all their ‘unrelated’ problems. Just like Group One elements, they wait….once you try to sober them up, it’s boom!!! All hell breaks loose!

This is the reason, The Resurrected Fat Sexy Diva is preaching to all you uptown Chics, and 21st century folks that you should just give such imbeciles a cold shoulder, for making sense to them, is synonymous with singing a Christmas melody to a deaf person; Mission Impossible 3.

Believe you me; injecting some sense to Group One ‘elements’ will just drain your energy for such people have a lot of issues triggering deep down them. Here are some.

Some people are in a bad relationship

There’s nothing more obvious than a lady who’s deep in blissful love. Samasowa! She’s always in high spirits, jovial…you name it!

On the contrary, when she’s sailing through turbulent times, sizisowanso! it’s the world around them that suffers; the way she reacts, rather, over-reacts to every minor’ Oxygen molecule’ around her. no matter how trivia an issue is, to her, it’s a reason enough to motivate her to ‘fight’.

So, the best way, fellow Sexylicious Divas, stay out of Group Ones’ lanes. That simple. If you note any Chic or dude portraying features of Potassium et al; stay away. I repeat, stay away!

You may just be a victim of their sour relationship. So stay away!

Some are just stressed up

It may not just be a relationship gone sour that can trigger Group One elements. At times, it may simply be other life problems. Work related challenges, business deals gone wrong, you name it! Stress can knock unto your door from literary all fronts.

So, other immature fellas resort to transferring their life burdens unto you, should any slimmest opening pop up. They’ll try all their efforts to make it appear that it’s you behind all their misery. They’ll huff and puff and squeeze you inside out as if you’re the major contributing factor to their issues.

Tell you what? Anger has never paid bills. Blush such souls off! Move on!


Poverty is one of the strong roots of miseries to have befallen mankind. Typical of Group One elements, people in abject poverty are also very volatile. Minus other vices, they also have a tendency of making others angry. Like Siku Transport, they vent their anger anytime, anyhow.  Such kind of people also ain’t worth a dime.

Some are just born stupid

Under normal circumstances, we’re all supposed to go through the 9-month Earth preparatory period in which when we appear on earth, we’re supposed to be human beings. Not just the being of being human, no! but acting, and behaving like one.

By unknown reasons, some beings are not worthy to be called human, even if they possess physical features of one. These are souls who find pleasure in downgrading others for no apparent reason. Equally worse is that they easily get angered. These are also permanent members of the Group One elements. Next time you meet them, hide your face.

Terrible family set ups

Not all of us come from a supportive family, like Fat Sexy Diva’s. Some come from families that have nothing to offer apart from stress; making you feel worthless.

So, members from such a family, instead of rising up and fighting against the injustices they’re facing, then donate their miseries onto whoever comes their way. Outside their family line of course. These too, do not deserve your attention.


We’re all surrounded by Group One Elements. At our work places, in our homes, at school… anytime, anywhere, we’re bound to bump into them, or the other way round. So, just like Scientists do in the lab, store Group One Elements under oil to keep air and water away from them.



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