• Firm: Tuntufye Community Radio Station (Karonga)
  • Position: Station Manager

Radio stations have been there for ages. They have entertained us, informed us and educated us in various ways. They are the largest medium of information in Malawi. But have we ever had a time to think of how these media platforms are run?

Well, be there as EM’s Gomezgani Mhango takes us through the career life of our Guest, INNOCENT NAZOMBE, the station manager for Tuntufye community radio station in Karonga.

Profile by Gomezgani Mhango


I am a sixth born in a family of 9 raised in Blantyre .I am a married and I have a son.

In my life as I was growing up I had a lot of dreams, at first I wanted to become a lawyer, but later after we had an Electrical Engineering graduate in our family I was motivated to pursue Electrical and Electronic engineering at The Malawi Polytechnic. This is where I obtained a Diploma from City and Guilds (in the said field).

Later on, I was not satisfied with the field so I had to move on. With time, I developed a passion to become a Catholic Priest. Then I enrolled to a seminary enroute to my becoming a Priest. This was in 2003.

But after seven years in the seminary, I felt like I was not the chosen one again so I ended up studying Bachelor of Arts degree in Education at the Catholic University.


After graduating from the Catholic University I was asked to be an Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology at the same university in 2014 up to 2016.

From there I joined Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Karonga where I worked as Projects Officer under Justice and Peace Desk. While I was there I was sourcing, writing and editing news articles for the Diocese’s website and I was also given mandate to be the Director for the website. So the Bishop and the board were interested and appointed me the Manager in December 2017.

  • A normal day in life of a radio manager

When I wake up every morning, the first thing I do is to make sure that the radio is on and all the transformers are working. When I get to work at 7:30 AM, I get reports from all Heads of departments. They present to me their plans for the day. I also respond to questions and complaints from listeners and our stakeholders.

As a manager I also supervise on quality of the programs being aired. I also act as a bridge between my team, the board, The Bishop, the stakeholders and our listeners to make sure that there is mutual trust and understanding as these will help to develop our radio station.

  • A busy day for a Station Manager

One of the day that I become more busier in this field is when our radio reception is poor or completely off air in any of our areas of reception due to a transmitter problem. I actually run up and down to make sure that the technical team should go there as soon as possible to fix the problem so that the listeners should be able to listen to our programmes.



For a person to be a good radio Station Manager, he/she should have the following attributes;

  1. Should be trust worthy

I understand there is no any school that offers the course of radio management, but it all depends on trust. Make sure that people trust you that you can manage this and maintain this by all means.

  1. Hard working

In this field, one can only rest when he or she is asleep because all the time even if you are off work you have to make sure that your radio is on and you listen to it to make sure that all the programmes are being aired as designed by the radio and at the same time they are interesting.

  1. Foresighted

You should be able to know where your radio is now and have a clear vision on how you want it to be in the near future. So plan and work towards it accordingly.

  1. Perseverance

Most of the times people talk a lot when something is wrong. As a Manager, you need to persevere and focus because people will say a lot of things that can knock you down. You should be able to address all people with respect.


Yes! It is rewarding because you are able to learn a lot of new things.


  1. Lack of quality personnel

Being a community radio station, we depend more on volunteers, so some of these volunteers have not gone through a journalism course and this affects the quality of our radio programme content.

  1. Lack of Monetary funds

This is also one of the major problems that affect our radio station. Sometimes we are forced to repeat programmes because we did not have resources at that time to produce other programmes.

  1. Work ethics

Working with personnel who are more interested to earn more money is also another challenge. Instead of them to concentrate on office work whenever necessary they become more interested to go in field with organization in order to get allowances.


My advice to the youths out there is that they should set their goals right and they should work hard towards then. This will help them to achieve their goals.



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