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It’s crystal clear that music is commanding a lion’s share in the country’s art industry. Every second, every minute and every day, a new musical icon is born; so too are new songs vibrating our eardrums.

This week, we drive you to the lakeshore district of Karonga where youthful SPY T is slowly becoming a household name there. Via his popular Sekera song, SPY T has all of a sudden, become a wonder-boy from the district as his song is becoming a common sound in various gatherings. Simply put, if you are in Karonga, you can barely miss this hit song Sekera in wedding ceremonies and other entertainment places.

So, let’s take a ride into Spy T’s unknown world.

  • Birth Name: Johnson Owen Reo Msokwa
  • Date of Birth: 24|04|1992
  • Origin of the stage name, SPY-T: When I developed interest in music, my brother Tenson was the person who could always support and encouraged me to still push hard. He told me that I should spy in music and bring the best than anyone else had ever observed. That’s where spy came from and for the T its from my brother’s name Tenson, it is my homage to him.


Origin of music passion                                                                       

When I was 13 years old, my family was based in Mzuzu (Moyale Barracks). While I was there, I was exposed to one of the guy Criss Goya, who used to play locally made drums and he was also singer. His art was really good, so the more I could listen to his music and playing of instruments the more my passion grew.

Genre: Passada and Afro

Base: Karonga

Home town: Karonga

Highest academic qualification: Diploma in Marketing

Record Label: Xsodus Entertainment

Favourite local urban music icons: Lawi,Wambali Mkandawire ,and Janta

Favourite international urban music icon: Diamond Platnumz

Best friends in the music industry: Janta, Mwanache, PostNegative, and Malceba

First professional song: Sekere

Ambition in the music industry: Trend worldwide, sell as many as possible and I should be able to earn a living through music.

What is so unique about your music? I do make beats and unique song lyrics on love life.

Life outside music: I’m an enterpreneur

Did your parents agree with your music career: At first they didn’t because they thought I will go astray, but these days they do support me a lot.

Memory moments in life: In 2014-2016 I had massive shows in Zambia .i cherish those moments forever

Worst memories: When I lost my grandmother and my uncle, these were my best friends by then so losing them was a tragedy to me.

Challenges faced in the industry: Lack of government support on music industry is one of the major challenges musical artists are facing in the Malawi.

Advice to fellow artists: They should not stop working hard because anything is possible when you do work hard and fear God.

Stay away from unprotected sex because HIV/AIDS kills.



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