THe SeXy DivA

By Fiona Jacques Manda(La femme fatale)

One thing that tends to slip out of people’s minds is that friendships are like love and it only takes real friends and devotion to sustain them. Throughout her twentyish years La femme Fatale has been on mother Earth, she’s come to identify two sets of friends; fakers and real friends. One could have a whole bunch of buddies, but by the end of the day, you shall come to the realization that not all are your friends.

Well, so funny how we come to know people and then get fond of them. So funny as well that we’re always ready to sacrifice our precious time for our “friends”, just to make sure the relationship never goes South.

Now, how would you feel waking up one day to the realization that one soul you trusted with your everything ain’t a real friend; that she is actually a fake bi&#* that just came your path to hurt your emotions?

Y’all listen up! It’s high time we spotted that fake friend and kick their behinds outta our priceless lives. Living with fakers in your life is more burdening than losing a loved one. So if you don’t wanna hold this burden no more, let’s take a look at some of the features of these parasites.  

  • They’re master backbiters

The basic reason your friendship hits the rock. Thing is, fake friends will always look innocent, so caring and loving in your face. Unfortunately, all hell breaks loose in your absence as fakers start talking crap ‘bout you, to your foes. Who does that, girlz? For me, I don’t give an F on who’s done that to me. All I do is cut that friendship cord off for it’s evident there’s no element of friendship no more. Lemme be clear here, whoever talks trash behind your back doesn’t deserve the terminology “Friend”. Entertaining them is at your own peril.

  • Fake friends prioritize benefits

This is just another straight forward tip. So lemme give you a gist. Being a Sexy Diva, I got my fab looking girlfriends that I feel I can trust, come summer or winter. Unfortunately, some girl outta squad started shunning away from our girl time, giving excuses like “I’m out with hubby, I’m having a nap” blablabla…all those lame excuses you could think of. And what baffles me was, whenever she got problems in her relationship, she rushes to us for solace and all the girlie advice.

Now question is, she a true friend or not? Your guess is as good as La Femme Fatale’s. Such buddies are good examples fakers for all she wants is to milk you of your time and resources. One thing I don’t try is asking for attention from friends. If they need you in their life, so shall it be; if not, we good to end the journey. Like, who cares anyway??

  • They never have your back

The thought of how fakers pretend not to be your friend makes me crackle. Ever got into a huge problem and your “friends” disappeared into thin air? Damn! In life, we got times when our only weapon to conquer problems is the people around us, our die hards.

A true friend will always have your back, even if they know pretty sure that you caused the drama; even if they know you’re to be blamed for whatever crap that’s happened.

True friends will always shield you from danger and erase the stupidity that you’ve put yourself into. Those are the type of friends that you must cling to rather than having a friend who would always see negatives in you, making you feel guilty for what you’ve done. Those friends are fake! If one of that kind happens to exist on your friends’ list, please do the needful. Thank me later!

  • They never want you to succeed

A true friendll always want you to be happy and do good in life. They’ll be there when you need them. They’ll be there with you at your lowest and in good times. Your happiness is their number one priority.

Hard as it may be, but pretenders and the real deals are miles apart. Not all who smile at you wish you well; some smiles are a sign that you will be defeated soon. So if somebody who’s closer to you but can’t help you when you’re down, that’s not a friend at all. They’re pretenders and have no room in your precious life.

  • They always wanna look more important

Beloved ones, a true friend must be able to see the bright side of you, even when you feel you got none. A good scenario could be my girlfriends. If I’ve done some accomplishments at work, or at school, and I try to share the happiness with them, they’ve to. One could go like” congratulations babe, let’s have a  drink to round up the happiness!” That vibe would show that they wanna share the good times with you, and they wish you well. But if you’re dealing with fake friends, they’ll feel disgusted with whatever you are uttering.

Fellow Divaz, friendship is a precious phenomenon that matter in every soul. It’s supposed to be full of adventure and all the goodies you can think of. Unfortunately, that ain’t the case as others are not friends per se, but parasites who just want to benefit from us. So in this era, let’s keep only those friends who matter in our life. Don’t entertain parasitic souls in your life!



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