Soldier Lucius Banda

Soldier Lucius Banda; An enemy of powers that be


By Anderson Manning’s Gowa

You can run away from politics but you can’t escape the multiplicities of political machinations spearheaded by politicians to satisfy their egos. Old as it may be, this saying still remains true to date.

As long as you can reminisce, the civilian soldier, the so called Lucius Banda will be available in the annuls of records as a lieutenant who has always been in the firing squad; pocking holes into several governments that have graced this third poorest nation on earth.

Just fancy the message that was wrapped up in one song titled “Enemy f the state.” He arguably presents a case to the government to come out of their comfort mansions and rescue Malawians, who by that time, were reeling in the whims of hunger.

He didn’t stop there. He perused through the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) manifesto asking them to live by their talk of coming up with factories across the country; a promise that died a natural death.

He goes further asking the government to reform the Malawi police that usually acts as a party machinery by trumping down all dissenting views.

The civilian soldier doesn’t stop there. Miles further, he sends missiles to the government to reconsider its cronyism of employing people who support the government of the day and fire those that have a diverging views.

From the song you can clearly see how MBC (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation) has been a party machinery, a propaganda mouthpiece for the government of the day.

If that is not all, honorable Lucius Banda pocks holes in overnight party mercenaries who pop out filthy rich overnight when they were dumb poor before assuming the realms of power.

From the song, it’s undeniable that honorable is indeed a soldier. Look at how he tells politicians to stop dreaming and live their talk. He is against the idea of laying foundation stones that have been a common agenda for politicians to hoodwink voters to vote them back into power.

Soldier Lucius Banda

This is just enemy of the state, a song released during the Bingu Wa Mutharika regime. The administration that locked him up the abyss of the Zomba prison.

Just from this piece from the legendary soldier, Malawians can mirror the kinds of politicians that continue to grace and graze our land.

Politicians who go full throttle reminding Malawians that once ushered into power, they will separate government duties from party issues. Politicians who use intimidation to silence critics. Politicians who would wish this country slides back to police state where men in uniform were used as conduits of political tramping.

Politicians who promise sweet tidings during campaigns only to move in circles, throwing without remorse foundation stones that yield to nothing at the end of their tenure. Foundation stones that continue to pitch us on third position among the poorest nations on earth.

If we ignore the words of wisdom from The Soldier, we are bound to rise up the rudder to occupy the first position as the poorest country on this globe.

The 54 years of independence have been a worst of time! Let us not celebrate them but weep for the loss that we have incurred because of political spinners and the docile Malawians that do not wish themselves and their country well. Docile Malawians who tolerate thugs masquerading as leaders to continue diving into the account number one and other means of satisfying their wishes.

Enemy of the state I will become…kuli njala tikulira tikuvutika” rolls down the song to its end.



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