By Nomsa Rhudo Mwale

It pierces my soul with how libidinous this current generation is becoming. Let’s be honest, this current generation is craving for sex like never before. It’s as if sex has now become a hobby and nobody cares whom they screw today or the other day. Even if it takes as many guys or ladies as one can sleep with, but still It will be done so long as you want it.

Back then, people used to struggle just to get a hit but today with the hit and run therapy in town, nobody cares about feelings or affection. Sex is no longer based on love as it used to be. Sex is now as cheap as second hand regalia in town. It’s no longer frightening having sex with someone. It is now legal to have sex with the protection being recommended by the government. It has become nothing before God and we do not even remember the trials that follow if done with no considerations. All evidence is there for everybody to see that sex is no longer a revered act as it used to be back then.

1.You can get it anytime

It has become that worse to an extent that you can take off someone’s clothes off, put on that rubber and hit it that hard just at any time you want. The Young Generation has forgotten that the act has a proper time and that we cannot just have sex just because we want to. Sex used to be a death penalty case in those days if done with no respect.

God took off those curses from us by purifying our generation through his sons’ blood and today because of that freedom granted to us, we are over-using it and forgetting that the one who gave us the freedom is still there; watching us.

A day is coming when we will no longer scream as we do in bed and we will no longer smile for the good sex done at the wrong time. That day is coming.

2.It’s no longer sacred

There was this other day I was so shocked seeing a couple caressing each other everywhere without respect for the friends that were around or consideration of their own privacy. I do not know where they were heading because the body can react anywhere and at any time so long it has been touched by the opposite sex. The funny part is they continued telling each other how horny they were getting.

Sex is supposed to be private and so are any issues concerning sex. We are so wrong by publicizing our feelings and so wrong by screwing each other with no privacy. We do not have to copy each and everything from the movies we watch. Some of these thing look normal because everybody else is doing but they are not so normal. Learn to respect your feelings and those of your spouse.

3.It’s no longer an emotionally attached case

Sex is emotionless today, most times only ladies are attached because it’s normal and natural for them to be stuck with that feeling whether they like it or not. They were created to respond with emotions. Marriage has sex not as a hobby but as a part of a feeling of expression and when they are sleeping together they share the feelings and even the characters.

What is happening today is different; we are only sharing each other the bad behaviours excluding the important emotions. Sometimes especially ladies, will truly sleep with you because they care and can not control it but give in and instead of guys appreciating it they end up going to other ladies. Nobody cares about the emotions it’s hit and run situation now. Hit and do not get attached.

4.Everybody can have sex these days

Gone are the days when sex was reserved for adults; today it’s almost everyone so long as the desire is there. You will be surprised looking at 14 year olds telling you they just had sex and the funny part will be in their parents’ bed or even in their room.

Today check for virgins in town and find me one. It is no longer a hiding story that everybody is getting some in town. Never indulge in sex if you are not ready to live and face the consequences, be it pregnancy, or Sexually transmitted outputs. It is just so unfortunate that we are having it but it is not authorized of us to do it.

5.It’s so free

The uniqueness that God made about it is that it is supposed to be done between two people who are in love and married to each other so that sex should be their bonding instrument. God cannot be foolish instructing us with that law. He cannot make something without its best and worst. Sex is supposed to bring out the best in a couple which are fruits; children.

The young Generation however, has changed the meaning of sex into a free-for-all endeavor. We do not even beg for it; we just tell someone we want sex and freely it will be given. The only thing we remember is that cheap rubber or the pills to annihilate the sperms inside us.

God is at ease, fine, but one day he shall tell us how enough he has had of this. Everything given for free is nasty and most of the times less valuable. Know that if Simon is getting sex from you, for free without much effort then you are losing yourself and destroying your pace. Sex is earned and not gained. Especially ladies, the consequences will fall on us badly because we control the game.

So next time you think of having sex, ask yourself, are you ready to face the consequences?




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