Chanenepa N’chikondi

Sitima Changes Poetry Arena-Chanenepa N’chikondi Testifies


By Noel Mkwaila

In a bid to make the country’s poetry system creative and vibrant, Raphael Sitima, a poet from Mulanje, has introduced a new system of reciting his poems.

Sitima who is popularly known by his captivating poem, ‘Chala Changa’ has revealed his plans of releasing a new poetry album that has been recorded and shot in a more creative way.

It has, for long time, been a culture that local poets feature already recorded songs or instrumentals as background tracks but it is a different case with Raphael Sitima. He says the forthcoming album will incorporate some of the current popular songs.  

“I came up with this strategy to move with times. I wanted to be creative and win audience’s attnetion.” Attributes he.

Meanwhile, Raphael Sitima has today, (Thursday, 30th July 2020) released ‘Chanenepa N’chikondi’, a romantic poem that is aimed at changing people’s romance view. The background track has been provided by Blaze and VJ Ken has shot it.

“Anthu akakhala n’chikondi pamakhala zambiri zokamba kuchokera kwa oonerera pomwe ena amati akukhalana koma ena amati sakukhalana malingana ndi momwe akuonera. Ndikufuna ndiwauze anthu kuti oyenerana ena amakhala kuti sali pa chikondi cheni-cheni. Ndipo omwe timati sakuyenerana amakhala kuti ali n’chikondi ndiye tisamaweruziretu chikondi cha ena.” (two is a company, three is a crowd) Sitima clarified.

People willing to purchase this poem are being advised to get in touch with Raphael Sitima himself for disbursement arrangements.

He has since advised the general public to support poetry and arts in general for sustainability of various carriers.

Apart from Chala Changa, Sitima also released poems like Ulendo wa Dorika, Kuteteza Kosalako, and Madando Osaiwalika.



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