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“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language.” Prada.

Ever thought of how fashion and modeling could transform your view of the world? Ever thought of paying all your bills through modeling? Ever thought of using gorgeous Malawian models for your adverts or music videos? Or are you amongst the Doubting Thomases who still bedevil the modelling industry?

Well, let me introduce you to Singing Stone Modeling Agency, a Malawi based modeling agency with a motto “Modeling with a cause”, As the motto insinuates, Singing Stone Modelling Agency is geared to uplift the country’s modelling industry by being a trend setter via provision of super quality services in line with the modern fashion trends.

Established on 30 October in 2017, Singing Stone is a complete modelling agency which offers a variety of related services like dancing lessons, modelling services including providing models for adverts, music videos, promotions, runways as well as re-designing of second hand clothes.

According to the Director for Singing Stone Modeling Agency, Agness Likongwe, (24), the agency was established with the aim of trying to change the negative attitude that many Malawians have towards models.

“When it comes to fashion and modeling, people think modeling is about girls in bum shorts, walking on the runway, and the like. And this is why a lot of Malawians have a negative attitude towards modeling. So, we are here as our agency to show people that there’s more to modeling than just seeing girls on the runway”, said Likongwe.

Agness Likongwe

Agness further revealed that her agency also aims at promoting Malawian models, and creating employment opportunities for these models.

“Another thing that my agency wants to do is to promote Malawian models, advise and convince people to stop using models from the internet when they want adverts but rather use models from our country hence creating jobs for these girls and reduce unemployment levels in the country,” she explained.

Singing Stone Modeling Agency also aims at showing girls who are models out there that they can pay bills on their own without depending on someone or waiting to work in some smart office.

“Well am sure that the issue of unemployment has affected a lot of youths in the country. So as Singing Stone, we want to show these models that they can make money while doing something they love”, narrated Likongwe.

As our chat with Agnes proceeded, I got myself more interested in this agency because of the love I have for fashion and modeling. I realized Singing Stone is really one of those companies that can bring modeling to another level in Malawi. What got my attention was the services that Singing stone is willing to offer, when Agness further highlighted them to me.

“We are willing to offer a number of services including; fashion by promoting clothes and accessories through runway and catalog. That aside, we are also willing to promote companies that are willing to partner with us by representing their brand and handling samples in a mall and trade fare. Lastly we are also willing to work hand in hand with advertising companies by advertising products and services from companies through billboards, brochures ads as well as annual reports,” she highlighted.

Apart from the modeling activities, Singing Stone is a company that also believes in charity works.

“We are from the community and as an agency we believe in charity hence once in a while, we do offer our noble course to various communities in need,” she explained.

And true to her words, on 16th December 2017, Singing Stone Modelling Agency, in collaboration with a group called Friends of Lilongwe cleaned various premises within Lilongwe CBD, in an initiative dubbed, Clean my city.

Cleaning around Lilongwe CBD

On the 2nd of January 2018, Singing Stone, together with Bethany Trust, paid a courtesy call to Mtendere children’s village where they donated assorted items and also had motivational talks.

Donating assorted items at Mtendere Children’s village

The future

The Lilongwe-based company together with its ambitious director, who has great passion for fashion and modeling, has great plans for the modeling industry in Malawi.

“I want modeling to be an occupation where someone can rely on. A lot of people take modeling as a part time thing. Well, we are here to make people realize that they can as well eke a living out of this industry,” she said.

As our chat was coming to an end, Agness also noted with sadness that the modeling industry is not taken seriously in the country compared to other countries.

“The modeling industry is not taken seriously in Malawi because a lot people associate this industry with something to do with half dressed girls who literally have nothing to do. But I tell you that people from other countries are benefiting through this industry. My wish is that we one day realize that there is more to modeling than just seeing girls walking on the runway,’’ she said.

Currently, Singing Stone has signed four Models and two of these were featured in the newly released Tay Grin’s music video, 21.


Phone Numbers: +265999256886/ +265884483416


Facebook Page: Singing Stone

Below are models under singing stone modelling agency

Model under singing stone modelling agency

Model under singing stone modelling agency

Model under singing stone modelling agency

Model under singing stone modelling agency



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