By Constance Pindikani

The young generation should know that often times, silence is a virtue, it really keeps a feeble mind out of trouble. I know there are all sorts of people that handle situations differently, there are some that cry, some talk it all out, some keep quiet. Being different is okay, and reacting differently is also okay and so natural, but in silence you gain nor lose anything.

Of course, not all silence is golden, but what I’m preaching here is that whenever we have nothing sensible to air, it is better not to trouble our mouths to open. Leave them shut. Shutting our mouths whenever necessary will leave us with nothing but respect from those around. Not only that, there are more goodies in checking when to open our mouths. Here are some;

  1. Saying what you should not have said

Most times when we hear something, most of us want to immediately say our opinion, which of course is good, i mean if no one is going hear it, how are they going hear your song? However, without second thoughts, impromptu talking can sometimes mess up things even worse than they were at first. Sometimes people deliberately ask for your opinion just to put words in your mouth. The young generation should know talking heals, but watch your words as if they were a snake about to devour you.

  1. Gives you time to ponder on the issue

When you keep quiet, you have time later to take a look at the situation at hand more carefully. This, in the end, buys you time to argue within yourself whether or not you should use certain words or not. Don’t join the bandwagon of those who wince later after unplanned gibberish that backfires by the end of the day. Not only that, sometimes we say the right words to the wrong people at a wrong time too.

  1. No one gets hurt

The young generation should know that words can break or mend things, people or even situations. Talking always helps, but it mostly leaves one bitter, and full of regret. You must agree we are all different, and so is our understanding. Just because you feel you are right, that should not buy you a ticket to belittle others. Your opinion is not a universal aspect. To avoid hurting others, we should observe that silence before we actually overreact.

  1. We can actually solve problems

Once i were little, I came back from school, and was really pissed off, i told mum i was never going back to school the following day. Now this was not the first time I had told her my not going back to school story, and she would scold me whenever I mention this. This particular day, however she just remained quiet and embraced me, and I found myself saying I was going to go to school no matter how hard it was going to be.

As Leinster says,” what you think counts does not really count sometimes”, we may or may not agree to everything we hear, and might want to put in ideas, but let us not rush into pouring it all out, and observe that little silence for a lil’ bit, and we might be keeping ourselves from trouble.



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