To whom it may concern.

Shut your mouth ya noisy non-voters or leave NMA 2018 alone!


If there’s one disease that over half of Malawians are prone to, then it’s complaining. Malawians complain literary about everything. Almost for any phenomenon, one too many Malawians would still complain.

Take the case of this year’s Nyasa Music Awards for example. For once, the Senior Concerned Citizens was impressed with the overall organization of the gala from the beginning up to the very end of the awards. Truth be told, there’s a very big improvement when compared with the previous year.

FYI, Yours Truly cast his votes to whom he thought were deserving sons and daughters of Nyasaland. At the end of it all, the best ones won.

Now, Yours Truly wake to a rude awakening bumping some social media posts of the usual complaining zealots who were busy casting stones unto the organizers of the NMA for delivering a shambles. Was I like “Really”? what is it exactly that NMA didn’t do? Come on fellow Nyasalanders!!! Why are we this dumb? Come to think of it, most of that finger-pointing the said organizers didn’t even cast a vote for their ‘favourite’ artists. So, how did you expect them to carry the day?

To all loud mouths, The Senior Concerned Citizen has a red card for you. You don’t deserve to be in our entertainment industry. Vote or shut your mouth. That’s was the mantra.

This year at least a lot of committed and music lovers like me went to vote, and so they never join your bandwagon of slaying and grappling on social media. So unlike last year, this year the organizers and the whole thing went to the satisfaction of us many. Now to you, little remaining species of angry non-voters let’s take each other to court here and try rest some justice.

Let’s face the facts here, NMA 2018 was unique; we could all note that lessons were learned from last year as the other “categories” were introduced. Maybe no wonder the other talkative sex group did not blubber, not being sexist but both sexes were well represented, of course depending on the votes. Still, some heavyweight retained their crown, but this year the soup was put out for all to battle.

The battle was fierce, still, bravo to the victors! Just like the sunrise, so is the sunset in the sky for best album of the year. No questions there, as always the ghetto is still running the hip-hop scene in Malawi, as Ghetto king kong was undefeated again, another category?..Well, best gospel artist went to the man of Faith with his creative music fused with ethnic elements, and I hear Benjamin Dube who was in the country recently will make a collabo with him. You see, no wonder he dominated the nominations, next time, please! #Vote.

Eya!Eya!Eya!won for best producer, safe to say this is encouraging to some budding producers because this even settles some debate there, talent and perseverance is important in this game. You can’t win this year but your fan base grows and eventually next time people like you complainers will #Vote

Nonetheless, the Good life won for best video and that cemented the reason why Purple C is a good drive in this urban music business. Ya, dig right? Another important award was in the category of the best female broadcaster, and guess who won? We had to drink more Gin y’, best group OMG! Zanthu zomwe (our own) won, it was fun, and well the other categories you know who won. Next year #Vote.

To close this case, let me call the representative of the jury (yours truly) to read out their conclusion: Ladies and gentlemen we know when it comes to NMA, debate is always going to be inevitable, but at least speak when you know you bet your money in there, otherwise don’t trouble our eardrums vibrating to your useless noises. We don’t need your noise and don’t feel some type of away. Let’s all just celebrate FAITH! Next time, VOTE or shut your mouth forever!



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