By Chimwemwe MWALE

 Let’s face it! Everything does come to an end; relationships inclusive. Of course, it’s every Chick’s dream, myself inclusive to have that till-death-doth-us part Dude. We, rather most of us, all want that. However, not all our wishes materialize. Sh!& does happen at times.

At times, it just doesn’t work, no matter how hard one tries. Thing is, whatever happens in a relationship, black or white, is a learning experience, and also a reference point in our next camaraderie; assuming we want to head that path, again.

However, on countless times, I’ve bumped into some Chicks, some my close associates, who do not accept it when their Dude decides to call it quits. Such kind of Chicks do everything in their power to display their frustrations at their misfortune and start bedeviling their once cherished Mr Right. Of course this is done indirectly, but for some of us, it’s easy to read between the lines.

To me, these are some of the things I would never ever do should my Prince Charming decides to do the unthinkable.

  1. Displaying my frustrations via the social media

It’s not only childish but too damn foolish to be venting our emotions on the social media whether good or bad. Of course, a little bit of A’s and B’s ain’t that bad. However, verbal attacks on my Ex is silly. Vomiting all your frustration and castigating your Ex online won’t bring him back, if anything, will only scare away some potential investors. It’s a sign of backwardness.

2. Getting jealous when your Ex starts bussing others Chicks

It is insanity of the highest magnitude for a lady to start getting jealousy upon noting that your once Princess Charmer is now hitting it with other hotties. I believe in what my parents taught me that I should give my used toys to the less fortunate (kkkkkk). From what l have learnt from my parents, I therefore see no justification of getting jealousy to the toy I’d once used.

3. Give me back my thang!

Telling the guy that’s dumped me to return everything I bought for him is an element of immaturity. Let him have them. After all, that’s his souvenir for me. In short, I will never tell my guy that’s dumped me to give me back what l had bought for him.

3. Broadcasting the weaknesses of my Ex

I’m 20; My age simply tells me I’m an adult. From this, I don’t see the reason of telling my friends on the weaknesses of my newly crowned Ex. That’s for toddlers, not people like us. No matter how weak your man was, no matter how ‘small’ he was, that’s so private and it has to be like that.

4. Committing suicide

This is the most awkward thing I would not even dream of. Simply put, nothing is more precious than my life. I wouldn’t even lose a sleep if my man decides to head the other direction. When my guy dumps me, that means he was not the right candidate for my world. Am too cute to die such deliberate deaths. There are so many potential first citizens out there!

5. All men are dogs! Sugar Daddies aren’t!

Now, there’s this crop of ladies, rather, girlie girlies who bedevil every dude just because they’d lost their Goldmine. To them, all dudes are the same. And it is this crop of Chicks that now opts for Fat Wallets. To such Hotties, love no longer exists. In their utopia, that is. To them, they venture onto a sojourn of reaping off Sugar Daddies. Boys of their age-group are no longer their taste, all in the name of frustration. Why stooping so low?? There are many good boys out there, girls!! Don’t cruise!! Frustrations will never lead me to date a Granny look-alike. Never!

6. Losing sleep over my lost lover

I will never lose hope in loving someone just because my guy dumps me. Come rain or hail, but as long as I’m alive, and as long as the right one comes, my past would never haunt me. Some Chicks tend to be skeptical of their newly Catches as they fail to move out of their past. They keep on fearing for the unknown; that their newly crowned Princes would also slip away! Grow up! Live in the present!



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