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By Fiona J Mandah and Gibson C Kamanga

Looking at the poor delivery our services providers in TNM, AIRTEL, and MTL, are offering, one would seriously think of giving somebody a slap of a lifetime. Truth being told, the services they’re delivering are nothing but a shambles.

Not only are the services so pathetic but also to make matters worse, are too damn expensive.  Within minutes, you would find your internet bundles are gone, and yet you have literary done nothing fruitful with it.

Poor or no network has been an every day song for most of us Malawians, not minding whether it’s in our cities, or country sides. It’s very unfortunate that towers are being erected almost on all corners of our communities but there is minute positive change in how these service providers work.

I hope these providers don’t know what they cause whenever their systems are down. For some of us who work 24/7 online, having such terrible networks means a very big loss to our businesses.

We need not remind each other of how vital fast communication is to our everyday livelihood. With these poor services, the whole communication process is disrupted.

What irks us more is that it is very rare for these service providers to notify us in advance of any potential technical hitch. You just wake up to a sad realization that there is no network coverage on your mobile handset. You’re just left wondering and cursing. How do they expect us to use guess work to know that their services would be compromised on a particular day? This really sucks! It’s as if we get their services for free and yet we do pay for these horrible services. 

What these providers forget is that any business has to prioritise the customers. If this is not put into consideration, the business loses its existence. As it stands, we’re losing our trust in you. You’re robbing us in day light. Please! Put your houses in order and deliver us from this insanity that is poor network provision!

Malawians deserve better than this. We can’t be talking about the same problem now and again. Service providers, take drastic steps to avert these problems, and bring smiles onto your customers. Priotise them first.



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