“Second Chance” Movie set to be released next month

By Zaward Likatho.

GOSM production in partnership with Landline production are set to release a movie “Second Chance” which is set to be premiered next month, EM can reveal.

The movie, written by Isaac Misoya, is all about having a second chance in life. It is story about a young man who had gone astray after some catastrophic events in his life. The genesis of all these was the loss of his family, and then being heartbroken having realized his girlfriend was impregnated by another man.

Fortunately, he was to have a second chance in his life as he bumped into another soul which was to right his life again.

According to the script writer, Second Chance was inspired by real life events.

‘’The movie was inspired by a number of people whom I know who were in the boat. I therefore thought it wise to bridge out the information of encouragement to those who are going through the same situation, it’s not only here in Malawi but even in other countries’’ said Isaac.

He revealed the main purpose of the movie was to teach the audience to always keep their heads above water whenever they are sailing through turbulent times.

‘’No matter what challenges might be on the way, but there is hope after that, right decisions have to be made in the midst of confusion for a man to overcome’’ he added

The movie was shot in an urban setting. And in real time, the setting was in various locations across Blantyre city.



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