By Sekelani Saka

Give yourself permission to say no without any feeling of guilty” – Stephanie Lahart-

The word NO is known to be the shortest and hardest words to say to someone because it mostly makes us look selfish, deviant and uncaring. How many of us manage to confidently say no to others without a feeling of guilt?

Oftentimes, we find ourselves in situations that push us into a very thin line between saying yes or no! Whilst most of most of the Young Fellows find it very difficult to utter this word, it is very important that we need to appreciate the positivity that comes with such an utterance.

Decision making is vital in everyone’s life, including we the youths. It requires a thorough consideration. It actually requires us to engage in some level of imagination and both the negative and positive outcomes of the choices to be made.

We are growing up. Along the way, we will be bumping into dilemmas, requiring all our intellect to act. As assertive youths, we need to be able to say NO to anything we feel is not going to add any substance in our life. Life is too short to be entertaining mediocrity.  

Tell you what? There may be times whereby saying NO would be making us so unpopular amongst our peers. Worry less for what is more important is to make a decision that you won’t ponder on, and say “Had I known”.

In life, we need to set our priorities right. This can assist us to stay focused and be able to shade off anything that may drive us astray.

Let us be clear here; I am not glorifying self-centredness. No! Rather it is all about standing up for what you believe is right and is going to uplift your life in some way.

I am bringing this in a plain sight so we all appreciate the positivity of limiting those yeses and focus on your task first before opting to multitask other people’s work.

There is freedom and power in saying NO to anything that deserves such a word. It is not a must to say YES to any request from anybody. Learn to attend to your priorities first, before bailing out someone.

Remember, not all Nos are negative; some are positive!



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