SARANGEL; The rebirth of hardcore rap in M-Dubz


By Yona Gondwe

It has been ages we had hardcore rappers in our M-dubz music industry. Equally disheartening is also the sad fact that the female rapping industry is all but gone. Once in a while, we do have the on and off arguably the remaining rap Queen alive, Lady Pace.

But overall, female rappers in Malawi are a rare species.

Weep no more M-Dubz as out of the blues there cometh Sarangel, a youngster with a lyrical touch that could easily remind you of the likes of Lady Pace and Rhina.

Unlike others featured here before, the lioness cube’s motivation into the industry came out of herself.

It was when she was 14 that she realized she had the talent to be in the booth. She felt she could not only write but also rock the M.I.C like nobody’s business.

“I would always feel that I was born special and that music to me was an inborn talent and this made me to start writing and I automatically realized that I could rap.” She recalls.

In no time, she started practicing her skills and cometh 2016, she hit the booth with her debut single, Star-Crossed lovers. Produced by Nyeusi, the song was based on real life experiences and talked of a love gone south.  

“The song, Star Crossed Lovers, was about two people in love but fate did not let them be together.” Said the Lidoma Secondary School alumni.

Although she is yet to break it into mainstream rapping, babyfaced Sarah feels it is just a matter of time before she hits the jackpot.

“I’m still playing my cards here and there, and I’m hopeful I’m gonna make it someday,” she hopes.

Role model

According to Sarah, American rapper, Barcalis Almanzar AKA Cardi B is her favorite artist as her music has a great meaning to her and it talks right through her soul and it is unique and very catchy.

“Due to the love of Cardi B, many people tend to call me Young Cardi.” Added she.

Challenges of being a female rapper

According to Sarah, being a female rapper ain’t that easy as “most male rappers tend to look down on us thinking we cannot do as good as them and those acts let us down.” Cries she.

That is not all, most Malawians, according to her, are too sexist to accept that females can also sail through male-dominated industries, and succeed.

“Most of our community members tend to judge a lot; they think a girl or any other female artist who’s in the music industry ends up in sexual behaviors which is not true to an artist who is really into music only.

In addition, since most of the times we hang out with male artists, producers and photographers, the public takes that as a bad act; little do they know it’s from them is where we get to know more about what music is all about.” She lectures.


To her fellow newly born artists, Sarangel believing in one’s dreams is the way to go.

“Don’t let anybody or anything to breakdown your talent! Also focus on making unique type of music by bringing in new stuff is the key to succeed in the music industry.” Advises she.

The future

The youthful lyrical genius plans for a full-throttle musical actions this new year. She says she wants to make her music global.

“I want to be internationally known. I feel I have what it takes to be there,” she challenges.

That aside, her dream is to have a collabo with celebrated M-Dubz icon, Tuno.

“Working with Tuno will be a dream come true for sure.” Says the 17 year old.

Mini Bio

  • Birth name: Sarahangel Schelantwa Katunga
  • Stage name: Sarangel
  • Date of birth: 30 July 2002
  • Favorite artist: Cardi B
  • Hobbies: taking photographs, and acting
  • Common faces she hangs out with: Emmeldah, and Fai T


  • Facebook: Schelantwa Cardie Yung
  • Instagram: IamSchelantwa



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