Sangie preaches love and respect for women in Say No More to Violence

  • Artist: Sangie
  • Genre: Reggae
  • Tittle: Say No More To violence
  • Date of Release: 10th December 2017
  • Producer: Dj Sley

Review By Chifundo Zingunde, and Gibson C Kamanga

As Malawi and the world over are nursing the hangover of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence that normally is celebrated between 24th November to 10th of December every year, conscious reggae artist, Sangie has echoed the calls in her latest hit, Say No More To Violence, which has been released on the 10th of December 2017.

Say No More To Violence is a 2017 theme song for STEP’s (Skills Technical Education Program) campaign against gender based violence to which Sangie is a brand ambassador. The tune, is a call to action to all and sundry to end the vice that is gender stereotyping, and violence and also maims for respect to the female folks.

Say no more to violence | Artwork

The litany is relatively shorter, 03:13 minutes but lyrically rich with straight-forward material; give that lady next to you her due respect. The first verse attests this.

Son, the way you treat your sister

My son, the way you treat your mother

Every girl in your life…umulemekeze

And the chorus summarizes the whole message.

Say no more to violence…Gender-based violence

The second verse now calls upon heterogeneous audience to champion a gender-based violence free society in their respective capacities, from young citizens, parents, all the way to the traditional leaders. She argues there is a need to reset our mindset and recognize the vibrant role women play in development as well.

Kaya mafumu kuli konseko

Ndiudindo wathu tisamenyane

m’mabanjamo angavulazane

kaya makolo kulikonseko

mwana wamkazi asakwatiwe

ali wachichepere

And that is not all. Third verse, Sangie plays two personalities; firstly, she plays the persona of a young female student who is also adding similar sentiments (to the overall message).

Definitely, Ku school ndi kophunzira

Most definitely sikoti ndizizunzika

You’re my teacher

Respect yourself

And you’ll deserve my respect

The same way

Then the persona changes to an adolescent female who is addressing her boyfriend on the similar issue Say No More to Violence is lecturing.

Ngati uli bwenzi langa

Sundikakamiza zomwe nsakufuna

Ngatidi umandikonda

I am to be respected

Listening to Say No More to Violence, and having been following this youthful reggae Princess, for some time, it is easy to conclude that Sangie is proving to be a true ambassador for female empowerment in the country. Earlier in the year, she had also released Mai wangwiro, a duet with poet, Robert Chiwamba. The song was about promotion of women empowerment.

In short, Say No More to violence unshackles the mind of a determined female who wants her being to gain its rightful respect.

That aside, we also note the characteristic gifted story-telling technic that identifies Sangie’s music.

Above all, Dj Sley’s Midas touch has sugar-coated the already sweet melody of Say No More to violence; making this song one of your prospective candidates on your playlist.

You can download the song below.

Click here to download [Sangie]



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