Samantha Gondwe

SAMANTHA GONDWE; The goddess who wanna demystify female modelling



  • Programme of study: Early Childhood Development

Profile By Gibson C Kamanga

Origin of passion in modelling

She is turning 20 in November. But just like most female models, Samantha’s pursuit of fulfilling her dreams originated during her secondary school days at Stella Maris Secondary school in Blantyre. She used to be modelling during her school’s variety shows. Little did she know that her childhood dream was going to turn into reality.

And she recalls.

“I developed a passion for modelling when I was in secondary school (Stella Maris) whereby we had Talent shows and I would participate and walk.”

Being Miss MAGU 2018

Samantha shall always cherish the moment the crown of Miss MAGU 2018 landed on her head. To her, being Miss MAGU 2018 is more than a motivation to her. It is a fuel to push other ladies to up their status in the society. Before she hands over the crown, she wants to make sure that most of the girls who aspire to be models are going to be motivated and not look down upon themselves.

“This crown is a motivation to do more …even if it means not being a model but at least using my experience to encourage other ladies who feel like doing modeling to follow their dreams.”

Samantha Gondwe

What it was like competing for the crown?

Typical of any competition, Samantha was nervous the moment it was announced Miss MAGU 2018 was to be contested. She did not know whether to go on or be part of the spectators. She chose the former.

“I really never thought about it until the former Miss MAGU encouraged me and told me how capable I was of winning, which got me interested in competing.”

Though she had pieces of advice from various circles, she was not yet convinced she could make it. She approached other colleagues to give her other insights.

“I was so nervous I didn’t know what to expect…after talking to my friends about it, most of them told me not to run it as a competition but as me trying to have fun on stage.”

And so it was, she went on the runaway for fun…she never expected much.

Whilst on the runway, so much was going on in her mind. She was very nervous.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to win because when I looked at my fellow contestants, they all had the potential to win so I really couldn’t place my mind on winning.”

Unfortunately, her talent was more than just fun. She impressed the judges. And by the end of it all, she made it!

Samantha Gondwe

Demystifying modelling

According to Samantha, gone are the days when modelling was regarded as a field for morally bankrupt people, more especially ladies. To her, it is very unfortunate that most Malawians regard female models that way.

“Modeling is not for prostitutes as people put it; it is just unfortunate that people begin to spread rumors about models after they are exposed to several people and functions.”

Samantha is advising such backward people to clean their minds as being a female model has nothing to do with morality or lack of it. To such people, the current Miss MAGU advises them to delete such mentalities out their minds as prostitution has nothing to do with neither one’s passion nor career. To her, model, female models are “only people who are exposed to publicity as one way of their responsibilities.”

The future

Although Samantha is still in modelling, she has not yet pondered on taking modelling as her full time career.

“I’m really not certain that I would want to go further with it but if a chance is to come my way, I would seriously think about it.” She says.

Samantha Gondwe



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