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By Wezzie Mwangonde.

Are you in duress? Are you in despair? Do you feel lonely? Well, if you are on the negative receiving end of such trials and tribulations, then keep your composure. Cometh 30th September, 2018, your ailments shall be history as Karonga-based gospel artist, Donnex Muva is launching his album Messiah 2 in selected districts in the country.

The album, third from this gifted musician, centres on giving hope to the hopeless, love and salvation.   In short, according to Muva, Messiah 2 album is all about manifestation of God’s love to mankind.

“Overall, the main message revolving around this album is all about love and bringing hope to those in despair. I want people to know that God is always there for them no matter the weather,” he reveals.

So, to ensure that the message reaches out to a relatively wider audience, Donnex Muva has embarked on what he has termed Messianic Album Tour. This will involve a series of album launches in various districts starting with Mzuzu on the 30th of Setember at Boma Park (Mzuzu Hotel premises) and then to such centres as Karonga, Mchinji and Balaka. The tour will be completed by 14th October 2018.  In all these places, a pack of revered gospel artists are also going to be in company.

The 14 track album has such songs as Alekeni anene, Likasas , Wakhungu , Usadzipusitse, ‘moyo’ and the popular, Usandiputsitse.

Some of the single from Messiah 2 were released in April 2018, and it was the reception from the audience that energized Muva to come up with Messiah 2 album.

“These songs (the singles) have won people’s hearts because those who have listened to the songs have patted me on my back, so it’s like a fuel to do even better,” he cherished.

Muva has been attached to music at a tender age. He has been part of his church’s choir since his childhood. He cherishes the time he was in church choir as to have been the turning point in his music career.

“Joining the church choir at a tender age was a step into my music career because it has helped me to grow musically as now music is in my veins,” he praises.

Minus Messiah 2, Donnex Muva also has Nthawi yamana Inatha, (released in 2009), and Messiah 1 released (in 2012) albums under his belt.

This year, he is just launching the audio CD of the album, but he promises that DVD on the same will be launched in 2019.



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