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By Gibson C Kamanga

As the M-dubz urban music fraternity is slowly bidding 2018 good-bye, soft-voiced afro-pop artist, Ril B has come out of his cocoon with a bang; he is set to release the second of his three love-litanies in a space of about six weeks this coming Friday, the 30th November.

The song, Ndidziwe, produced by Dj Ken Lo, is a reflection of all love birds on why they are intertwined in their love affair in the first place. According to Ril B, it is better for couples to understand the purpose of their camaraderie for the betterment of the duo. In his line of thinking, as per song’s lines, some are in a relationship as a face cover, but skin deep, they are not.

“It’s high time couples understood the purpose of their respective relationships. Is it real love or just a material affair? Ndidziwe (Lemme Know) is a question posed to either half of a romantic affair,” he revealed.

For a Ril B avid fan, listening to Ndidziwe, one would easily note that the song is a continuation of Chatha (it’s over) released some time back. And he  featured Dj KenLO.

From Ril B’s line of thinking, it is better for couples to b frank to each other by not acting up when the tides are heavy.

“Some people chikondi chinatha kalekale but they’ll still be acting up as if all is that rosy. Something has to be revealed here (umandikonda ngati ndani? Ndidziwe? Asks Ril B in one of the lines in the song).


Ndidziwe comes about two weeks after Ril B silently released what would have been another banger from the Mzuzu-based artist had the song been treated with utmost promotion it deserved, Tan’kondako.

Typical of Ril B, Tan’kondako (Love me for once, please) is another love litany in which the male persona is pleading with his love bird to show true love to him so that the former may reciprocate.

Craftily arranged by Sispence, Tan’kondako is one danceable tune that once it hits your eardrum, the side effects are likely going to be instant; involuntary shaking of your limbs if not the rest of your body.

The male persona in Tan’kondako is trying to convince his other half to trust the guy as they prepare for a blissful future between them. Unfortunately, the song has not enjoyed that much publicity.

Now, Ril B will sign off this year with a sponsored song, Mphatso yako, a collabo with Dj KenLo, a dedication to a bride -and-groom to be, a Mphatso and Cynthia. This is going to be released on the couple’s wedding day, the 22nd of December 2018.

So why the sudden upsurge in the song releases?

Ril B says it is to satisfy the insatiable appetite of his fan base as earlier this year, he had promised them an album, but due to other hiccups, that has not materialized.

“I’d planned for this having failed to honor my promise of releasing an album this year. I didn’t as I had some challenges along the way,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, as 2019 looms, Ril B promises more music videos for some of his popular songs.



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