ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Fiona Jacques Manda (La Femme Fatale)

Finally, the long awaited Valentine’s Day came…and went! How’s it? As for me, you just know! Me and hubby had some quality time. A day well spent so to speak.

Valentine’s Day is so special in La Femme Fatale’s world as it reminds her of the special love her hubby showers upon her, and vice versa.   

On a rather sad note, it’s come to the Sexy One’s attention that most of her generation abuse this day such that its relevance is slowly being diluted.  This is the very same reason the Pretty One has decided to offer some free civic education on how this day is supposed to be handled.

For lovers, everyday must be a Valentine’s Day

It’s high time lovers expressed their affection to their other half 24/7, 365. Valentine’s Day is just the climax of the journey. Love is timeless. Your affection towards each other shouldn’t be seasonal. Let me disclose this, I love my man 24\7 and there is no way I can show my affection to him on the 14th of the second month of the year only. Nay! It just doesn’t make any sense.

Buying gifts only on the Valentine’s Day mean your love is limited to a specific period. To the Pretty Sexy Diva, love knows no season. Every day is a perfect day to love, and be loved.

Make every day count, let your partner be treated like it’s the 14th.

Valentine is not a time to fake love

Few days ago I’d seen people who had pretended to be love birds, while in real sense, they are not an inch closer to that. What’s that for? Valentine ain’t some day to be a faker, be real, no human is gonna crucify you for being single on this day.

Some peope take this day too serious, such that they go to the far extent of having a fake girlfriend, just to maintain the morale among friends. Valentine’s Day is not supposed to be like that, if you have no girl or boo, fine!

Valentine’s will always come. The next one might be for you, don’t force matters. If I were in your shoes, I would just hang out with my girls, watch some movie, rather than stressing myself because I’ve no love that I can appreciate the Valentine’s day for.

Let it give you a chance to update your relationship

Now here is a big deal. Listen up, it’s not on to be with your girl or guy, spoil each other if you know things are way rotten between you. I would rather meet my guy, and talk about things that matter most to us. In relationships, tensions, differences, and fights are way inevitable.

What’s the whole point of taking your girl for a ride, or dinner if you are emotionally detached? The funny thing is you’ll be giving each other grins, that are dry, carrying no emotions at all, simply coz you’re strangers in your own little world. Instead of these emotionless drama, find space for yourselves, and talk about all those stuff.

If you’d a fight few days back, miss the Valentine’s goodies, meet and clear the hiccups. Conversations are significant as they help to bring distant hearts together. At least after the discussion, things are put in place. It’s from that you can celebrate your many Valentines full of true love. Trust me, if you fake the love, Valentine’s day is in vain. You better just forget it exists.

14th February ain’t just about gifts

Very funny that most of the Sexy Diva’s field of view is characterized by immature lovers who equate Valentine’s Day to presents. Some even do reach an extreme end of curtailing their camaraderie just because their baby Boo didn’t bring them no gift. Who on this mother Earth ever said Valentine’s Day is all about gifts? Oh please! Save us your drama! We don’t need it!

Enjoy your love peacefully

He may have treated you as the Queen of England, or the First Lady of the land. He may have taken you to Hapuwani Lodge at the foot of Mount Mulanje or wherever the two of had taken your souls to.

Whatever the case, you’re not the first ones to have patronized such scenic beauties. We know you had some quality time, but what’s the point of disturbing your friends with millions of social media updates? For what?  Keep your private life that way by not feeding us with every second of what the two of you did or spend.

It’s a Valentine’s Day, yes; but that doesn’t mean every soul out there is always interested in whatever you do.


Dear girlfriends, hopefully you’ve learnt one or two steps on how to go about spending the next 14th February. Right? 



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