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By Chifundo Zingunde

Rebranded dancehall icon, Don Gogo, formerly Mady P is back in the music circles with A Minute of Silence mixtape which is set to hit the airwaves this month end, EM can reveal.

A Minute of silence comes barely four months after the release of “Chi One Tambala” album, and also upon winning UMP’s 2018 Best Duo Award via his Mabilinganya Empire crew.

According to the Don, his silence on the musical scene was courtesy of some personal issues, which according to EM’s research, involved, among others, his relocation to the commercial capital, Blantyre City.

“I was a bit busy with my new job and some businesses. I didn’t have enough time to put in some good music, but now I’ve settled. I’m here for my fans; I’m here for my enemies too! Don Gogo is back,” exclaimed Don Gogo. 

Expounding details of his mixtape, Don Gogo said A Minute of silence is a mix bag of real life stories that will electrify Malawi music and send a statement of his seniority in the echelons of local dancehall ladder.

“I travelled to Mzuzu just for my Mixtape; it’s a mix tape that will define me. It’s all about good music and the stories will keep people talking about Don Gogo for years; it’s a mixtape that will set the standard,” challenges he.

Named after his  move of not taking long to release another gigantic project, A Minute Of Silence Mixtape  has 16 tracks and has seen  Zephy Oldies, Ken-Lo and low profile but highly skilled producers working on it .

Don Gogo the Teacher?

A fully-fledged teacher is always famed for shaping his students into productive citizens in their spheres of influences. That is the case with Don Gogo as he has featured a battalion of up and coming artists with the aim of exposing them to real life dancehall industry.

“I’ve featured some unknown but potentially skilled artists in my mixtape. I feel this is the best way for them to be in the open, musically” he revealed.


Don Gogo’s mixtape will be a curtain-raiser to his crew’s album which is to be out four months from now. The album is the first of Mabilinganya since dancehall youngster, Jay Jay Cee joined the crew.



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