ThE SeXy DiVa!

By Philes Davis.

Men. Men are one hell of creatures that tend to undermine us, ladies. You see, most of ‘em malefolks think by the mere fact we are mostly their preys, then can we not get turned off by their silly mistakes. What a lie!!! On a serious note, we are those species of creatures that take time to be turn off and once we are off, we off for ever…rather may take ages to return to our earlier comfort zone.

So, let’s see what is it that can easily turn us off.

  1. When you don’t change the things we want you to change

Endless complaints. This has been labelled as our number one weakness. Fine, but have you ever tried to listen to them? the more we complain about the very same issue, the higher the chances that that thing is pissing us off. Why can’t you just be a man enough and change so we can complain no more? Thing is, if the problem persists, we can’t be complaining no more; we’ll lose our patience and take a bow. It’s that simple!

  1. Cheating

In ladies territory, cheating is an unforgivable sin. Once caught, we don’t trust again. And we don’t even care at all. So if you’re in a relationship try being faithful; cheating is not an answer. Talk about what you want, and solve it amicably, but never ever cheat!

  1. Give us today our daily attention

It’s our nature to be given all the attention in the world. We love being showered with attention so if your attention starts weaning, chances are there that we may get turned off. We ladies fall in love by the way we are handled.

  1. We want respect

Ladies love to be respected. If we feel disrespected even in little things we get unattached from you no matter what. We love it when you fasten the respect belt unto us. You can’t call us names or physically abuse us and expect us to be calm and not react. After all, what you input is exactly what you get

  1. No visiting each other lol no bed hides

We build a strong relationship by meeting physically, and looking each other in the eye sparks the relationship with fire. It’s always the best part of the relationship to be closer to each other so don’t come here and start telling us that we have changed if it’s your behaviour that has turned us off.



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