Tacy Slim


  • Entertainment industry: RnB
  • City of residence: Mzuzu

Profile by Gibson C Kamanga

She is somehow feeble looking, as her name entails. Minus that, she has that babyish look, that you would feel is also a revelation of her capabilities.   That would be the biggest mistake you would ever make, for the 18 year-old Tacy Slim has got the music muscle, that with proper nurturing, she could be somewhere in the country’s music circles. Listening her songs, or having a session with her in the booth, does reveal the monster that is in her veins, musically. So, let’s get to know this little RnB Princess more.

Brief bio

Birth name: Joyce Gondwe

Date of birth: 9th January 2000

Origin of the stage name, Tacy Slim: It is combination of my other name, Tacerine, and also my physique, Slim.

I started active music in 2016.

Before I started singing I used to be a lyricist. I used to write lyrics just for time-passing, then one of the dancehall artist by the name Iraq encouraged me to try and record one of my songs which I did; and was the genesis of my music career.

Source of inspiration

I was inspired by Miley Cyrus, one of the American artists. Her songs gave me hope that I could also do it. My first professional song is ‘The loving star’ which I recorded at Base music and was produced by Mofias who also happens to be my first producer.

The future

Five years from now, I want to be somewhere where people can recognize me. I want to be known worldwide or maybe countrywide. My best producer is Kuwale, the owner of Exclusive Sounds system studio. He knows how to control and balance my voice. He is the best.

Tacy Slim

Life outside music

Apart from music, I’m also a student at Malawi Institute of Journalism. As a student, I need time to study, so I always divide my time. During weekends I go and visit the studio and write lyrics and during week days I concentrate on school work.

Since I’m not under any record label, my mom helps me with the money for studio fares. At first, I didn’t want to tell my family that I could sing because I was scared they might stop me from singing. But then, they eventually found out that I was an artist. They were all happy. My mom couldn’t stop listening to my song. My elder sister went on telling her friend that she had an artist baby sister.


There are challenges that I face as an up and coming artist. Some of them are that the main artists don’t want to support me, they always want to buy their fame without considering us, as raw talents. The challenge that I face as a lady is that the male artists underestimate the fact that I can sing better maybe even better than them. They always say I can’t do it.

For the up and coming artists to rise, they need support from the main artists. They need to be given a chance to showcase their talents. Never underestimate the voice of an up and coming artist.



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