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Raw talent of the week; RAW G


Lilongwe city continues producing some youthful faces that, if well groomed, could be the next big voices to have rocked our urban music podium.

This week, EM’s Gibson C Kamanga unearths one of such up-and-coming young trap artist, RAW G. The youngster may be relatively new on the local musical market. But listening to his tracks, one can clearly note the lyrical proficiency that this novice has and with proper guidance, he can be a gem that can cause music disturbia in the near future.

So, let us get into the life of this youngster to have an in-depth knowledge about his musical origins.

Stage name: Raw G

Birth Name: Pemphero Joel Kachigunda

Birthday: 22nd July 2002

Base: Lilongwe

Genre of Music: Rap/Trap

The name, Raw G, was coined in 2015 by Pemphero’s brother, Victor. The elder sibling had belief in the youngster in his literary expertise. So the name RAW meant something original or untampered with, whilst G is a street term for “a friend”.

So, RAW G roughly means the the Authentic/original Kid on the Block.

Origin of the music passion

Raw G realized he had some musical veins in him way back when he was around 6 years-old. During those years, he used to coin some (musical) lines and used ringtones from his mother’s mobile handset as his background instrumentation. With that, he could sing, and his family could laugh.

Though the said actions were crazy, Raw G’s family liked the talent that their relative was showcasing; they encouraged their young relation to perfect his talent.

It was therefore no surprise that in 2015, when Raw G was just 13, he released his first track, Go Hard, which was produced by Mwanie. Upon the release, his family and friends offered unwavering support for the new direction that the youngster had taken. Such motivation has been fueling him to even go to greater heights since then.

Balance between academics and music

Although Pemphero is still doing his Form Two at Bambino Private Secondary school, his newly found fame is not affecting his academics. He manages his time properly.

“When the schools are in session, I hardly have time for music. I dedicate all my time to my studies. I only handle my musical projects once I’m on holiday.” He revealed.

Musical prospects

Raw G dreams in colour. In his words, he trusts his instincts and his talents. Having a chat with him you would note the ambitions and the aura of confidence in him. Come five years from now, he dreams of being a house-hold name and hopes to have made some collaborations with revered local and international urban artists.

Those aside, he dreams of releasing an album by then.


Locally, Raw G gets his inspiration from one of the most decorated local urban artists, Tay Grin, whilst on the international scene, Big Sean is his model.

Raw G is not your average teenager. He crafts his own lyrics. Of course, once that is done, he always gives them to his brothers, Victor, and Edison for some critiquing. His main producer is Chance (Mwanie).

Message to the M-Dubz fraternity

According to Raw G, the media has a very big role to play in highlighting the feats raw talents like him are achieving day in day out. He believes without their role, the musical industry would be meaningless.

“I’m still new in the industry so I would really want much exposure for me to get known,” he highlighted.




Click the artwork (picture) below to download Fake Niggaz from Raw G featuring Eso Slique



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