Raw talent of the week; M@T ALEGEO

M@T_ALEGEO is one of the gifted upcoming artists who, if given desired assistance, can rise up the musical ladder in the coming years.

He is one of the fewest artists locally who has ever travelled within the corridors of a musical school. He has a Certificate in music, obtained from Lusubilo Music Center in Karonga and he majored in trumpet, and piano. He had joined the musical school in 2012.

Currently music is his everyday livelihood. However, he ponders on pursuing a course in Computer Science later on in his life.

According to him, artists must be serious and dedicated when doing music because talent is nothing if they do not work hard. He believes upcoming artists need to invest a lot in their musical business, for example, improving on the qualities of their music before people can start appreciating them.

M@T_Alegeo owes his musical life to Lusubilo musical school. The institution has helped the upcoming artist in composing, reading, and writing music.

The school has also shaped him into a deeper understanding of how music can be transformed into a profitable business enterprise. Through such a musical school, many can make their musical life better.

That aside, the institution has also influenced a lot of young musicians from all the regions into understanding what good music is all about.

Above all, he has been across the world courtesy of Lusubilo Musical Centre. For example, he went to South Korea during Lusibilo Band Tour in 2014, and also Germany in 2016.


Relevance of studying music in Malawi

The youthful artist is of the view that it is worth studying music because that is when one can do his level best to improve music composition that comes with Malawian roots and elements. Adding to that, one can also improve their music business strategy.


Birth Name: Matthew Alexius George Mphande

Entertainment field: Upcoming musical artist

Genre: Afro-pop

First professional song: Kapolo produced by Thin Genius (Martin Botha) of Dream Sounds Studio.

First Professional Video: Kapolo (directed by Tiwonge Hango) Eminent media shot it.

Best producer you have ever worked with: Thin Genius sizamwana,

Favourite international artist: Kiss Daniel

Favourite local artist: Tiwonge Hango (He keeps it Malawian)

Location of Business: Mzuzu

Watch out from this site once we upload some of their songs in the coming days.

Information compiled by Alinafe Timothy 



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