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Rap Sean: “Go ye show the world your rapping skills”


Profile by Gibson C Kamanga

His songs are always accompanied by a tag, “Koma RapSean adah!” Rap Sean is one hell of a youngster who is taking the rap game to another level.

I bumped into Rap Sean on the 20th April 2019 during the UMP-Zitoliro college tour at the Mzuzu University.

His song, “Ine ndi Akazi anga” not only attracted my attention but also amazed and moved the crowd unto their feet. His stage management was splendid; so too was the overall composition. On this night, Rap Sean displayed attributes of an artist who had passion and was focused into what he was doing.

Since then, I have been following hit after hit of this glowing youngster. It is so unfortunate that he is still in the underground. I am hopeful, however, that with proper promotion, Rap Sean won’t be in the underground for long.

In his second year pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Rap Sean is of the new school rappers who is trying to make Mzuzu University a force to reckon with, musically.

I had an interface with him and below is the excerpts.

Brief bio

  • Biological name: Richard Zimba
  • Being RaP SEAN

The name was given to me by a friend named GOSPOL after witnessing a series of rap music from me in freestyle form. He went like, “Brother, you got that great rap in you, go get your rap shown to people, I’ll call you Rapshown. With time, I just modernized the spelling of the name “Rapshown” to “Rapsean”

The music journey

I was primarily in Sunday school choir, then. I also liked to imitate & memorize songs of urban artists then, the likes of Brick & lace, Beyonce, Mr Nice, Brenda Fassie & Lil Wayne among others. This fueled me to try out my own music, which went on so well from 2011 till my first studio record in 2013.

Source of inspiration

Mostly Lil Wayne and His Young Money crew. These guys inspired me into this music & Wayne’s style and word play moved me so much that in my early songs, some elements of Wayne could be traced in my songs till I switched into my own lane.

Why Hip-hop?

Hip-hop was the first genre to involve so much word play and I also fell for the gangster vibe and the swag that came with it, even though nowadays I’m more about making music that makes sense.

The mission

My main mission is to go international with this music. I wanna be the first Malawian English rapper to go international (sic) & I also wanna come up with my own styles of doing hiphop, which others would emulate.

Balancing entertainment and academics

Well simple, I just work hard in both of these areas of life, I do my best and let GOD do the rest.

First day in the booth

I was just a little nervous, it wasn’t something I couldn’t handle.

First professional song

It was titled “The girl that I love” I actually jumped on it with two other guys who were actually my school mates at that time back in secondary school namely “Chris k and NM Noxy” whom I haven’t met in a long time since then.

Challenges of being a budding star in M-Dubz

Well, I’d say the major problems we are facing as up and coming artists is ourselves. We are broke most of the times and can’t afford to get that exposure and recognition we need to blow up. In addition, we’re lazy and don’t push as we ought to and which on my side is coz I’m having school on the other hand. Therefore we certainly are supposed to work hard and get ourselves hard working managers who are willing to help.

The uniqueness of being Rap Sean 

Nobody bends it the Rap Sean way! I’m unique. There is no other me so if it’s making it then it should be me and not anyone else. I have that strong belief in myself, I’ll make it, God will help as well.

Models in the game

Nasty C, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar & the Migos.



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