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Miss ELK Modeling Agency

Profile By Langson kalua Junior


Real name : Rabecca Kamwendo Banda

City of Residence: Blantyre

Date of birth: 7 August 1998

Origin of passion in modelling

Rabecca discovered her burning desire for modelling when she was at secondary school but she did not find success to find her way into the modelling world until in 2018 when she signed a contract with Elk Modelling Agency.

“I developed a passion for modelling when I was in secondary school but I was lacking the people who can help me to fulfill my dream then last year its when I join the elk modelling agency ,” she said.

Being Miss ELK modeling agency

For Rabecca being a model for ELK Modeling Agency is more than a motivation. As she explain that it is for her it could fuel to push other ladies to up their status in the society.

“This crown is a motivation to do more. I will be using my experience to encourage other ladies who feel like doing modeling to follow their dreams.” She explains

Being a model

According to Rabecca, modeling is about  being proud of one’s body by show casing the skills that one have and being an inspiration to the younger generation bearing in mind that models are exposed to people from all walks of life with various needs such as physical, spiritual, and  financial.

Demystifying modelling

For over a decade most Malawians have regarded modelling as a field of morally bankrupt people, and it promotes moral decay.

Rabecca condemns the barbaric mentallity that people have towards modeling stating that is not a profession for adult entertainers.

 “It is just so unfortunate that people begin to spread rumors about models after they have seen them perform at fashion shows or beauty contest just because it has afew half nude categories. But it is ridiculous, is it not the same beach wear that people do at the lakes or pool parties?.” She said.

“Modelling is a good profession with nothing to do with promoting moral decay or being an adult entertainer. Whatever thing is said about modelling is only their one way to look down on ladies for being proud of their bodies.” She added on.

The future

Rabecca’s dream is to be recognized internationally, and model for international branding companies, designers and artists.


Playing volleyball, listening to music.



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