By  Fiona Jacques Manda (La Femme fatale)

Hey y’all, today, how’re you re-strategizing yourself with this “work from home” mantra? Anyway, it’s my hope you’re pulling the chins of life slowly and wisely.

Well, today I thought of one rather crazy group of souls around. The Exes. Yeah, those ones whom most of us promised sweet nothings with…but ended up …you know what! Well, sh!t does happen, and it really happened between you two. 

But hey! Ever assessed why they’re now part of your history? Ever thought why they aren’t part of your present? Simple! They never deserve to. They’d run short of convincing reasons for them to be with you today. So, which is why today, La Femme Fatale is of the view that ex boyfriends…ex girlfriends etc should never be part of your everyday life. Here’s why;

It’s pointless to text them

First of all, the whole point of texting them ex-girlfriends or boyfriends is senseless. Wait a minute, what’ll you be talking about in the first place?? Ask yourself that question. If you can’t give a relevant answer instantly, don’t even think of it.

You are risking your relationship

For a Diva who cares about her relationship like me, I can’t dare texting my X. Come on! Whatchu gonna be texting about? What if your Boo gets hold of the convo? Is he gonna trust you again?  Won’t he think you too are having another fling?

Come on! Let’s not pretend here. We all know how texting Exes here and there ends up into. And of what benefit does getting connected to your past bring to you? Ladies! Wake up! Leave your past and move on!!!

You can’t move on if you are connected to an Ex

How can you move forward if you keep on clinging to your past? History, history is there to teach us a lesson so we could properly understand the present status quo of issues and also to guide us on how to manage our future. History is never supposed to be lived unto again! Never!

Your ex is equivalent to severing ties with you. Your Ex is a symbol that you need to move on, rather you’ve moved on with your life. The reason you too are no longer love birds is that you failed to satisfy each other…whether sexually, emotionally, financially, pysically,,,,what have you. If you reached the point of cutting loose all your bonds, then it meant there was no room for making amends. So, it’s of no use to let such people back into your life. They shall keep on reminding you about your past.

It shows that you are a pet to your Ex

Talking to your Ex unnecessarily makes you a failure and you paint yourself as some desperate hungry chic. It only shows that you are so damn weak that you can’t imagine a life without them despite having your ass kicked. Stop it y’all. Cut ties with them! Let them know you got this, and that you can do without them.

Their presence only destroys your current relationship

Exes are toxic! Letting them get closer to you will pierce your relationship by and by. The more you communicate, the higher the chances of losing your current boo! True, you may claim to be a pro at handling two duded at once; (in that case, then you’re now a Slay), but with time, your affection, true affection towards your Boo will wither.

Dedicating part of your attention towards your ‘history’ may drive you nuts. In the end, you can easily start making silly comparisons about who was good at what? The past versus the present. That, Dear Divaz, is the genesis of troubles.

Divaz, accept that you have some history. Also come to terms that history has its special place; the past. Never ever entertain your Ex for that may be a recipe for disaster with you, and only you having everything to lose.



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