By Philes Davis

Ain’t it funny how other souls die every day; struggling to please people around them by changing their appearance, not being satisfied with who they are? Ain’t it funny how dark skinned ladies, for example, struggle day in day out bleaching their faces all in the name of improving their looks?

The Sexy Diva has been observing how some of her friends go overboard not appreciating their naturally-given looks. She has been observing how stressed some of her friends are with their appearances. Why can’t you just accept the way you are and move on?

So, this week, The Sexy Diva wants to enlighten his fellow ladies on the need of appreciating their appearances. Here we go!

1 – Everyone is perfect

Nature makes no mistake in your appearance. ‘Hips’, or no hips, light or dark complexion, that should not be a cause for alarm. It’s our differences that make us unique. You are outstanding from others who don’t have the shape and looks that you as a woman possess. So be proud of what you have.

2 – Have a feel-so-good mindset

If you feel you’re ugly, then be it! You see, how you view yourself defines how others treat you. So, change your mindset and develop a positive mentality about yourself. Once you have a positive self-esteem, you will feel more attractive. What ever comment someone makes about you will not affect you because you have put a mindset that says you’re better…. Even if the next man says your shape is bad you will smile and say “that’s what makes me unique. “

3 – Be happy. Always

if you have too many insecurities about how bad you look and the rest, you are probably creating sadness in your life. How will someone accept the real ‘you’ if you haven’t accepted yourself yet? Learn to appreciate and accept who you are, and you will be happy. Know that you are who you are and have to be happy about it.

4 – “Don’t live to please a man”

There are a lot of men out there with different likes and of all types. What the other guy will like about us is not what another guy will like. You’ve a flat chest. Be cool with it! There are some men out there who don’t like boobs of XXL size. So it’s you that men want not the hips. You will definitely find someone who will stay with you for who you are. So stop worrying.

5 – The body changes,

The Sexy Diva is slightly over 20 years old now, and her physical make up is not the same as the way she looked when she was 16. if you are young now, just be patient you might grow up and look better than how you look now. Don’t be stressed, life is too short.

6 – Stop trying to be someone else,

There can only be one Beyoncé Knowles, and one Kim Kardashian. You can’t be another Nicki Minaj, never! So be proud of yourself and be happy. Create your own happiness in your own world. Don’t be frustrated because you don’t look like” Mariah Carey” who appears happy wherever she is while you may be dying of depression over how bad you look.

7 – Finally, you are just so perfect

Feeling worried? Listen to Bruno Mars’ “The Way You Are. …………………..Listen to this track and you will bare with me that you’re just so gorgeous and the difference you have with others makes you a better soul.

And listen to me, if God wanted you to be like anyone else, he would have made you like anyone else. The features that He wanted to look similar, he made the same… everything else, he framed them differently because they are not supposed to be like anyone else’s. Therefore, trying to measure your beauty, in comparison with someone else will only get you frustrated. Believe me, there will always be someone with a better booty than yours. Someone’s face will always look more smooth than yours. That



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