By Anderson Manning’s Gowa

“Tattooing is not Satanism Ghetto dwellers. There is need to readjust our thinking” vomits Profyt, Malawi’s emperor in the business of skin fashioning with indelible ink.

The northern region dweller based in the chilly city of Mzuzu, alias Profyt, born Steven Mwawembe has spanned his artistic tattooing wings far beyond the outskirts of Nyasaland, making deals with our neighboring states.

His annul of record speaks chunks of Profyt’s artistic merit over the years.

A man who generated the work that sets bread and butter on the table from his late father, an artist himself, full-swung his tattooing career by modifying radio cassette motors while integrating them with needles and syringes.

After some time, from the proceeds Profyt realized from his business venture, he bought an original tattooing machine from Kasungu.

“This machine propelled my career further. Such that my catchment area burgeoned with customers needing my services across the borders” utters the energetic Profyt, and not prophet as some mistake his name with the so called innumerable men of God.

The youthful skin draftsman says with the revolution of the generations, there is a viable market for the business now.

“Much Kudos to the change in the generation. Tattooing is now a lucrative market. Youths and adults have realized that their bodies need extra ink to spice up their looks,” fluently says Profyt with an American accent.

With the many business deals, Steven Mwawembe is striking with celebrities and several other well-meaning Malawians, too many to mention.

Meanwhile, Profyt is pondering on establishing a fully-fledged shop by April, the tripartite election year of 2019.

“People must stop the negative eye that they have on tattooing. It’s just a display of artistic acumen” says Mwawembe while envisioning a colorful future in the near future.



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