By Kedson Ngwira

No one ever said that being a musician was going to be easy. Yes, playing music makes you happy and you are passionate and talented but making a career out of music takes a lot of hard work and perseverance.

So, feeling doubtful and pessimistic about the direction of your music is but natural; rather part of the journey. However, it is important to hang on to all the positive thinking you were doing when you first decided to pursue music.

One of the M-Dubz hip-hop artists who has seen the highs and lows of his musical career is Mzuzu-based K-man.

Born Khwima Moyo, K-Man says from his experience, it is good to appreciate the negative moments but one should not falter when sailing in turbulent waters.

“We can’t run away from negatives in what so ever we are doing, but once we focus on them we are going nowhere. I am a good example.” He says

Some years back K-man and his old crew The North Geez were frequent headliners of almost all urban events happening in the north side of Malawi and even managed to go to other regions to perform. His songs were everywhere. But suddenly his graph nose-dived.

“I have been affected with the negatives within me and even from outside. I focused much on them than the positivities. That greatly created my downfall.” He lamented.

Having realized that, K-Man started polishing up his wrongs by releasing a couple of mind-bobbling songs with an aim of righting his ‘wrongs’ in the public sphere.

From 2017 end K-man started putting much effort on his music, he released songs like Usandilimbitsa ft Kell kay and Mantha ft Dramo.

In 2018 he released Osaleka ft Homage, Gremmer and Keisha, Ku Pusha, Ma big just to mention a few. In 2019 he has released kucheza and a video of Ma biggie song.

Throughout his mixed music career, K-Man has seen it all, and has matured with time.

“I have learnt two things in my musical career; whoever disses me wastes his time and I have to respect people who have made it far in music. My song, “Ma biggie” bares it all,” he chips in.

Adds he, “Positive thinking is the name of the game. You can’t develop if you pull yourself or others back. It doesn’t work!” he lectures.

K-Man, believes he is a legend of some sort as he has considerable influence in the modern day M-Dubz music.

“To be frank, I am one of the people who have contributed something to the urban of the North side of Malawi, so yes I have called myself as a legend in the song (Ma Biggie)” he said

Ma Biggie music video is trending just soon after its release, on 25th March 2019. It was shot and edited by the promising videographer in Mzuzu, Wongie G.

Watch the official video below “Ma biggie” by K-man



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