By Yona Gondwe.

Celebrated literary icon, Hudson Chamasowa, has made a U-Turn from his decision by not contesting as a People’s Party Parliamentarian for Zomba Thondwe Constituency in next year’s general elections, EM can reveal.

Earlier, Chamasowa had expressed his interest after what he termed “public pressure” from his constituents to represent them in the August House next year.

But after thorough deliberation, the author-cum-poet said he has reversed his decision for fear of derailing his literary career, as according to him, “Politics can tarnish his image.”

Says he, “Politics can distort every effort in my life so I’ve resigned from politics to protect my image as a person,” read part of the communique he addressed to the PP authorities.

The communique also said Chamasowa has also ceased to be a member of the said party.

Hudson Chamasowa

Meanwhile, Chamasowa has hinted on serving God a pastor in the near future. In an interview with EM, the Kusimongoliya poet quashed aside claims from some quarters that his resignation could be as a result of dry coffers.

“It is not that I have run short of money as some people might be thinking due to the campaign for 2019 tripartite elections. I knew how much that would cost and was for anything that could have demanded my pocket. The interest to serve God by becoming a pastor is also one of the reasons for my resignation from active politics.” Added he.



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