The Legendary, Phyzix

Get into the life of PHYZIX; The Jack of all trades


BIRTH NAME: Noel Limbani Chikoleka

OTHER STAGE NAMES: Captain Bae, Phyzo, Man Phyzo

DATE OF BIRTH: 18th December 1986



GENRE: Hip Hop, Afro Pop, Trap


RECORD LABEL: It’s Only Entertainment (IOE) to which he is the proprietor


Phyzix is multi facet. No one word can truly paint a clear picture of who this person is. As one of his earlier songs duly said, he is the Jack of All Trades.

Well, briefly, Phyzix, is a multi-award nominated Malawian recording artist, record producer, marketer, banker and entrepreneur.

Phyzix | Noel Chikoleka


Noel grew up in Area 12 in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. He attained his high school education at Marist Secondary School. For those who have been so close to him, they can attest Noel was an athletic youth. He literary partook in various sporting disciplines ranging from Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, 100M Race, and Martial Arts. This is how his current stage name, PHYZIX, or MAN PHYZO came into being.

Noel is born to Evelyn Josephine and Alec Jack Chikoleka; a retired banker and deceased diplomatic civil servant respectively. In a family of 5; 2 sisters Elizabeth Sauka Makossah and Ewey Elsie Chikoleka and 2 brothers Late Austin Chikoleka and Alexander Tinga Chikoleka.

Noel has numerous nieces and nephews including Trinity Pempho Chikoleka popularly known as Complex, she is a female rapper and Sina Makossah a promosing young football star based in the United Kingdom.

In 2003, Noel moved to Area 25. This was a time when his dad had already passed on in 1995 and his brother Austin in 1998. He was predominantly raised by his mother. Life took a dive while in Area 25 as his mother had just retired from the Reserve Bank of Malawi and she was very sick at the time. Phyzix became a ghetto youth. It was a struggle to get basic needs of a young man. It was a painful time seeing his mother sick and struggling. He also became a violent young man to avoid bullying in the ghetto as he was subjected to victimisation from the ghetto kids because he was raised in the suburbs. Phyzix had to physically fight in Area 25 to earn respect and acceptance.

Eventually, he resorted to music and sports as channels to express his emotions. He focused on making music and sports while avoiding indulging in bad behaviour while in Area 25. These are the stories shared in some of following songs: Cholapitsa, Gamba, Chilombo, Abwana and Usodzi among others.

His brothers and sisters all worked hard to make ends meet during this time. He worked hard in high school at Marist and came out with 11 points from MSCE.

Noel is from Salima. Mwamadi Village. T/A Kambwiri but he’s originally from Dowa. A royal family. He was or is in a lineage to the throne of being a Chief in Dowa. (T/A Msakambewa, Kapilingidza Village. Dowa)

Noel has ever danced to Nyau Gule Wamkulu before. While at Marist Secondary School.

Ever wondered why in one of his songs, he had ever claimed to have been one of them Nyaus from Dowa? (Listen to Chilombo, by this legend and you’ll understand what we mean)


Phyzix realized he had music blood at a tender age. He started rapping in 1998 whilst in Standard 7. By then, he was just 12 years old. To him, Rap has always been his passion; his form of personal expression, and for gaining social acceptance.


In 2006, Phyzix became the household name on every lips of every urban music fan courtesy of his revolutionary smash hit, Cholapitsa. His lyrical prowess and the energetic voice made him, and his historical hit, the most sought after song, and artist in that era. The name PHYZIX became synonymous with the-then local Hip-Hop.


Musically, the name Phyzix was rising at a faster rate. However, not all aspects of his life followed suit. Fate was to have its way on to this rising youngster. Immediately after releasing the said revolutionary smash hit, Phyzix was withdrawn from The Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, under academic grounds. By then he was pursuing undergraduate studies in Engineering.

His newly found fame, which he could not manage well and lack of focus in Education attributed to this. His focus became purely music as he spent most of his days with the Dare Devils – his producers, composing music or performing at music shows across Malawi.

The then youngster was also withdrawn from Mzuzu University where he was studying a Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Information and Communication Technology for similar reasons in 2008.


On 21st March 2009, Phyzix released his debut album called The Lone Ranger which spawned singles such as Gamba, Jessie, Usodzi and Abwana. This album was predominantly produced by KoNd-1, and The Dare Devilz who recorded all the songs. This album is close to Phyzix’s heart as he bared his soul on this album and his fans got to know him better.

In 2010, Phyzix released his second album called, Secret Service LP which had Zolapitsa (Cholapitsa Remix) and the album was produced by Tapps Bandawe, and The Dare Devilz. This was around the time Phyzix got involved in a high profile music beef with some other rappers. What sparked the beef is not well known but it all started when Phyzix declared to ‘deal’ with anyone who incites beef in the Malawi Music Industry as he would like to see musicians work together to develop the industry. He said this while on stage with Tay Grin, Young Kay, and Piksy while performing Zolapitsa to show how musicians can come together and make great music. This did not go down well with other rappers who responded in song, and Phyzix retaliated.

In 2011, Phyzix released his third album called Follow the Leader which had the smash hit by the same name as well. The album was craftily produced by Snowky Kachimanga, and Q Malewezi.

Phyzix | Noel Chikoleka


Immediately after Follow the Leader album, Phyzix took a 4 year-sabbatical leave from music to focus on education and personal development. He went on to study Marketing, and Sales and Entrepreneurship.

That aside, Phyzix also studied books that changed his life such as Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success, Think and Grow Rich, Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Who Moved My Cheese, The Law of Attraction and countless books on similar subject matter. Eventually, he got employed by Audio Vision then SFFRFM, Opportunity Bank and WomanCare Global (An American Company).


After a long hiatus, Phyzix returned to active music with a bang in 2015. He released his fourth album, Gamba wa Suit. This year saw such music as ChiNyimbo with Gwamba and Martse, MwaChibwana with Eddie and the smash hit Bayuum Thii on which Phyzix dropped an amazing, memorable and quotable verse to cement his comeback.

In the same year, Phyzix got saved and rededicated his life to God. He released one song called Chitsanzo with Danny Kalima which attracted the nickname Gamba wa Yesu. As the year progressed, it dawned on Phyzix that teaching the word through music was not his calling at the time. He reverted to making music for entertainment while remaining a Christian. This caused a lot of uproar from fans and commentators alike. This was the same time Phyzix rebranded his entertainment company from Bantu Records to It’s Only Entertainment (IOE) around the same philosophy.

Phyzix wrote and recorded his fifth album, Captain Long John within a month in March 2016 ahead of his wedding to Ruth Kulaisi – Zodiak TV Presenter and Producer. It all started when he thought of creating a special song Dekha for his wife to be released on the wedding day. Eventually it became a full length multi-award nominated album. This album was critically acclaimed and received nods from the industry and fans alike. This album saw Phyzix make more heartfelt love music as opposed to his hardcore content. He nicknamed himself Captain Bae on this journey to creating more appeal to ladies, first in a song called Chilling which featured Kell Kay and Martse.

This year, 2017, Phyzix has released a compilation of radio singles under the name Captain Bae. Some of the songs include KOTG (King of The Ghetto), Noni Noni, Golide, Patelera and Zibwente; all of which music videos have also been produced.

And that’s not all! 2017 has also seen Phyzix being featured in various chart toppers such as Sober by Martse, Ghetto Sisunga Kape by Charisma, Ndampezera Wina by Mafo, and Apse Mtima Remix by Macelba. 


To all modern day urban artists, the name Phyzix should be synonymous with a calabash of wisdom as he has been there, and has done it in the business. His nominations in various revered musical awards in the country speak volume of the stature of this energetic artist, musically.

Some of his nominations are;

  • Best Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year (MUMA Awards) 2014
  • Best Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year (UMP Awards) 2016
  • Album of The Year for Captain Long John (UMP Awards) 2016
  • Album of The Year {Captain Long John} (NMAs) 2017.

Phyzix has also shared stage with the who and who’s in the music business. He has rubbed shoulders with the likes of the following international artists;

  • Cassper Nyovest
  • K’naan
  • Sway DaSafo
  • The Maccabees
  • Oliver Mtukudzi.

He has performed at International Festivals such as Lake of Stars, WAPi (Words and Pictures), Domestic Tourism Music festival, La fete de la Musique (French Music festival) and various tours across Malawi.

Phyzix | Noel Chikoleka


Phyzix is more than just a music man. He is also a social human being. He has been playing pivotal roles in reaching out to various Malawian youths, and has also been lending a helping hand to various communities in different noble causes.

Some of the community responses Phyzix has been involved in are;

  • Baylor College of Medicine (Children’s Foundation Malawi) – Free musical performance and motivational speech to children living with HIV
  • Umodzi, and Ndife Amodzi Floods Response – Free musical performance to raise funds for flood victims. The flooding in Malawi killed more than 176 people, displaced at least 200,000 others, left homes and schools submerged in water and roads washed away by the deluge,
  • MBC TV’s Reach Out and Touch – Free performances and role modeling to raise funds for people in need of medical attention from international facilities,
  • Go Green Malawi Project (British Council) – Go Green Malawi was a multimedia project aimed at sensitizing the youth on climate change issues via music and other arts. The project was being implemented under the British Council with support from other development partners. Free music performances and being ambassador for Go Green initiative, Malawi AIDS Counselling and Resource Organization (MACRO) – Helped disseminate information on HIV/AIDS through music and role modelling.

Phyzix continues to make music as it is a passion that drives him. He serves in his community as a member of Lions Club International. He is married to Ruth Chikoleka and together they have a daughter Alyssa Grace. He continues to be a Marketer, Banker and an Entrepreneur in transport, food, beverages, grooming, entertainment, marketing and imports.


  • Mobile number: +265999409272
  • Email:
  • Webpage:


  • Phyzix (Facebook Page) @PhyzixMw
  • Noel Chikoleka (Facebook Profile)
  • @PhyzixMw (Twitter)
  • @phyzixmw (Instagram)



KING OF THE GHETTO is the name of a song I did with Tsar Leo. I am not King of the Ghetto per se. I actually lived in the ghetto at a time my father died and my mother retired and was very sick. I struggled in the ghetto. It was an ugly time. I would never want to be a king of that struggle. I make music and live my life to inspire ghetto kids because I know the struggle in the ghetto.

God has blessed us with so much. All we do now is give God the glory and make life look good! 

Whoever is King of the Ghetto can have it. Actually he can keep it. I don’t want it.


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Information re-arranged by Gibson C. Kamanga



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