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Quotable Quote: Fall in love with someone who makes you happy than he did and wave the happiness in his face (Love T Msoso)

By Love T Msoso

(Slim, Prettiest, Sexiest Diva Alive)

After a very long time of being tortured by suspicions, your worst nightmare has finally come into reality. This’s the time now you’ve all the cold hard proof that your partner cheated on you. You didn’t think it could happen to you. Did you? But unfortunately, the niggah’s cheated on you.

So what does this mean to you? Is your relationship ruined forever? Will this devastation ever gonna end? I know it’s a huge mess and damage that’s been made but trust me or not, there’re productive and healthy things that you can do to deal with the cheating dog to move the pain inflicted on you other than revenging. You know you can even make things work after he cheated on you BUT that’s only if it’s what you really want.

Often times, ladies find it very difficult to deal with their partners after they’ve cheated on them because we usually make decisions out of anger and frustrations. Now take a deep breath, drink some water, sit back and relax coz the SSD is here to tell you the Dos and the Don’ts of of life after the cheating dawg!

  1. Talk it out

After discovering that he cheated on you or he’s been cheating on you, first thing, talk to him. I know that soon after finding out, you’re so mad at this dog but as a mature lady, you don’t need to talk harshly at him. That’s why now the importance of taking your time comes in. You know words that come out of anger usually come with regrets, so make sure you’re very okay before you decide to talk to the niggah.

Get to the root of the problem. Find out what happened for him to cheat. Ask him what really went on with the other girl, as much as this might be hurtful but it’s important you talk about it. Just talk about everything. Pretending you okay with everything that happened won’t help coz in that way, you just bottling up your frustrations and hurting even more in the process. After you’ve talked about everything, that’s when you can decide whether you want to stay or not and whether your relationship is worth saving or not. A lot of cheating dogs usually think that once you’ve discovered he’s been cheating, all you gon do is shout at him. Use all those harsh words on him and tell him to burn in hell and all that, so my dear sister, the best way you can insult him is to sit down and talk to him calmly. That doesn’t only show that you are matured but talking about everything after he’s cheated will also show that you know what exactly you want and what you are doing.

  1. Don’t try to get even

You may want to use all the harsh words on your partner. The Slim Prettiest Sexiest Diva knows what normally happens after a nigga’s cheated. Now that we’re living in a social media addicts’ generation, it seems so normal for couples to compete on who is happier than the other on the social media as soon as you gat issues (cheating inclusive). This’s all done coz partners wanna get even. But am telling you, don’t try to get even. I know getting a new boyfriend soon after he’s cheated may sound as a good idea because you wanna avenge but that’s not the best way to do it.

Getting’ even with your partner’ll only keep your anger alive and increase negativity in you, and that’ll only prevent you from moving on or making a sound decision as well as moving forward in your life. It’ll keep you stuck and won’t allow you to heal. Note that when you try to get even with him, you give him momentary sense of satisfactory.

  1. Do not fall apart

Crying is okay after he’s cheated. I mean we can’t just control our emotions in moments like these. More especially when he’s cheated after a long-term relationship just like what the Slim Prettiest Sexiest Diva faced; but then, crying didn’t help that’s why she’s here to tell you that crying doesn’t really help. You need to realize that that this situation won’t define you. Locking yourself up, doing unusual things, listening to sad songs so that you get even sadder, ignoring your phone… won’t help. The best way you can avenge a cheating dog is by being happy. As much as it’ll hurt, but then you won’t be like that forever. So please, after he’s cheated on you, take your time, relax, meditate but don’t over think and be happy.

  1. Don’t play the victim card

It’s very obvious in all likelihood you didn’t deserve to have him cheat on you, but that doesn’t mean you should wallow in self-pain and blame yourself. Playing victim’ll keep you feeling helpless and damaged and it’ll continue to keep you feeling bad about yourself. As a result, your self-esteem will die. At the end of the day, you’ll find it difficult to participate in life in a fulfilling way, so never believe in these cheating myths.

  1. Don’t publicize about your issue

I know that after he’s cheated it sounds as a good idea to let the world know of the type of a dog he is. I mean updating all those statuses on WhatsApp, twitter and Facebook just feels so great. Getting the attention of all your followers feels so awesome! I’ve been there, I know exactly what I’m talking about. But does that really help? As far as I’m concerned, mocking him on the social media won’t help a thing. Getting people to ask you what’s wrong after they’ve viewed your updates makes you hurt even more. I mean every time someone asks about what’s happened, you remember everything. Posting your issues on the social media’ll help the cheating dog think you are so desperate that you can’t move on or you can’t live without him.

  1. Don’t rush the healing process

I know you loved this person and moving on may be very hard sometimes. After he’s cheated, you’ve talked about it and it seems like things can’t work between you two, I think it’s high time you move on. Moving on means taking your time to heal. It’s not easy to trust another guy again after someone has cheated on you. Trust me, that’s why you don’t have to rush the healing process, coz if you rush things by getting into another relationship so fast, you may end up getting hurt or hurting the other person. So take your time to heal and fall in love again when you’re sure.

Often times, cheating dogs think once you break up with them, you can’t find another good guy. That’s why now you’ve to heal properly. Fall in love with someone who makes you happy than he did and wave the happiness in his face. That’s the only best revenge.

  1. Don’t let someone decide on your behalf

Your Mom says leave him, your Bestie says give him another chance. Don’t let fellaz make a decision on your behalf coz they don’t know what damage the relationship can do to you if you decide to listen to them. You might end up living a life full of regrets if you depend on other people’s decisions. After he’s cheated, make your own decision.

  1. Don’t forget to look beautiful

Did you know that maintaining or upgrading your looks is the best remedy for suppressing Mr Cheating Dawg? Fellow Diavz, if he cheated doesn’t mean you deserved it or you’re ugly, NO!. These guys’re just like that. So after he’s cheated, get your things together, dress well, look beautiful and enjoy your life. This’ll give him a signal that you didn’t deserve whatever he did to you. Being cheated on doesn’t mean you should look miserable. So please, even after he’s cheated, take care of yourself and look beautiful.

All in all, if you are a believer the Slim, Prettiest SD, the best thing you can do after he’s cheated on you is kneel down and talk to God then leave the rest to Him. Once again, remember that it’s up to you to give your relationship another try after he’s cheated. That’s, if you feel like it’s worth saving.



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