By Yamikani Praise Bwanali

Fact! In every Young Generation’s life journey, there are always set-backs that derail our progression. So, how do we move on when we’re in such a predicament? Do we sail along the wind? Or do we fight back? Well, if you’ve no clue on how to move on, stay there as I once again, bring you some life-saving tips to shape you into a fully-fledged human being.

First thing for you is to wear a tough skin. Many a times is we easily lose our focus once we give in to the hindrance that is impeding our progression. Good things take time to bear sweet fruits so we should never let rough tides disturb our inner selves. We need to fight on and see our dream materializing. Nothing comes easier.

Secondly, don’t lose yourself. More often than not, once we are in mayhem, we tend to lose our usual selves. We tend to resort to immoral behaviours all in the name of “kuzipepesa”. Such could be the worst mistake we can ever make for out of such scenarios, we can easily ruin our precious lives. Let us learn to tackle our challenges with a sober mind. Let us not let alcohol and other illicit drugs to ‘help’ ease our minds when faced with life issues.

When all is properly analyzed, it is time to move on and face the issue that is eating you up. Check where you went wrong or what went wrong and then devise a mechanism of sorting it out. Go deeper to uproot the root that caused all the problems. Make sure as well that you put strong measures to avoid a recurrence of the same.

Above all, seek guidance. It does not kill to seek others’ helping hand more especially from those whose opinions you greatly value. No man is an island so they say. We cannot be successful via without others. Team work is vital. Positive guidance is a key to every person’s success.

Fellow young generation, let us appreciate that challenges are part of the game. No success comes without some hitches along the way. As history puts it, “it does not matter how many times you fall; what matters is the number of times you stand up every time you fall.”



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