By Yamikani Praise Bwanali  

Fact! You shall never graduate into adulthood if you have never ever faced challenges. Human life is never free of challenges. We rise, we fall and if you are that mature enough, you rise again. Fellow Young Generation, failures make great leaders for it is through terrible experiences that we learn our true potentials.

How do we react when we are in a mess? Do we resort to binge drinking? Smoking? Or simply do not care? Well, if you are like me, here is how I approach challenges.  

Keep your head high

Rule number one; Do not lose yourself. Many are times my fellow young generation that we lose ourselves because of challenges that we are facing in life. It is of no use losing yourself because of life challenges as you may feel that you are too small in the eyes of your challenges. Tell you what? You are just the perfect size to counter your life challenges. No challenge is bigger than you. No way! Never let terrible life challenges to change how you feel about yourself because losing yourself will make you lose your goals.

Have a fearless mind

Life challenges, most of times, will cause our mind to be surrounded by fear because what we used to view as positive turns to be negative. And then, if we are not careful, we began to view our life as a failure because we see no hope by thinking that our future is doomed. My fellow young generation the best time or way to overcome such challenges is to have a fearless mind because it will always give us hope in challenges. Have no fear. Tackle the challenge head on! Face it! Accept the presence of the challenge and devise mechanism of hitting it hard.

Stay focused

Life challenges is like a battlefield if you are not focused, you may end up being ambushed by your enemies. As such, never let challenges kill you by weakening your mind. Stay focused. Once you are focused, you can never let challenges drain your energies. Once you are focused, you are already on your way to overcoming your challenges.  

Be aware of destiny killers   

Destiny killers are those people who always look down upon other people’s lives because of their life challenges. These are the people who always want to make you look and feel bad.  So how do we take care of them? It is simple; just avoid them. Never take their words or actions into consideration for should you consider them you shall always feel inferior; a result that could be catastrophic to you.  In simpler terms, never surround yourself with people who always demotivate you; they can kill your destiny.

In a nut shell, my fellow young generation remember pain is temporary, success is permanent. No matter the magnitude of your life challenge, always hope for the best. Know that no life is wealth living is it is challenge-free.   



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