ThE SeXy DiVa!

By: Thee Ovakarma.

Relationship heartbreaks are the most unbearable times in one’s life. Often times, people who are suffering from break ups tend to lose themselves during the healing process.

You can agree with me that, we ladies are mostly affected by a break up more than the guys. In this episode, I would like to share with you some tips that will help you heal fast from the break up.

  1. Find something to keep you busy

These days, couples have become best friends and a break up would mean that you have lost someone you used to gossip with, chat with or even work with. The best way to get through this is to find something to do that will make you stop obsessing about your ex.

  1. Listen to positive music

Whoever started the culture of listening to Adelle after a break up has destroyed many souls. I am not saying a break up is easy but it’s better to listen to songs of hope rather than listening to songs that will only drain your poor hurting soul.

  1. Don’t think about what people will say

One sad truth in today’s relationships is that “many people are together and not in love”. This has made people cling on to relationships to create that good image to the public. Once you break up with a guy, look at the brighter side of life and ignore the people because people will always talk. Take care of your life first baby girl and the rest should come later.

  1. Delete everything that reminds you of him

The aim is to move on! If you still keep things that remind you of him then you remain stuck at one spot. Delete the pictures, his contact and the conversations you had with him then you will start to move on little by little.

  1. Believe in yourself

A break up is not the end of your life! It’s the time you have to boost your self-esteem and achieve your goals. Tell yourself that you will get over it and that’s the first step in moving on with your life.

Those five points should get you moving ladies!!!!… practice them and see your life changing. You cannot be your best if you lack peace and joy!



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